Writing Prompts Series 5

I have moments when I stare at my screen thinking: I need to write something. I have the urge to write. Where have all of my ideas gone? Most people (myself included) go to Pinterest and filter through oodles of writing prompts out there. I decided I would help your creative muse’s voice be heard…… Continue reading Writing Prompts Series 5

The End of the War – Nanowrimo/Announcements

Nanowrimo and I waged a deadly battle. Within the first week, I was optimistic, as I had more words than he had required for my deadly challenge. But as time went on his forces began to beat me back (it didn’t help I had entire weekends where I wasn’t allowed to come near the computer…… Continue reading The End of the War – Nanowrimo/Announcements

25 Questions…

Hello everyone! This is actually going to be a two-part questionnaire, because: Nanowrimo has really set my posting schedule back. In fact, I need to start writing nano right now. So, a friend of mine sent me this tag and I thought I would be fun. Do you guys like these? Please comment below. Do you ever…… Continue reading 25 Questions…

Nanowrimo – Slay the 50K Word Dragon – Guest Post for TheArtfulAuthor

GUEST POST LINK Nanowrimo. The beast that slays all writers yearly. We say to ourselves, “We will prepare to conquer the beast!” But when the time comes, our courage fails us and we flee, and blush to mention our unfinished project that sits around until next year. Last year I wasn’t really worried about Nano…… Continue reading Nanowrimo – Slay the 50K Word Dragon – Guest Post for TheArtfulAuthor

Follow Me ‘Round the Fair

Come one, come all, to the fair! (Not sponsored by Chik-Fil-A) Hi guys! I went to the fair two weeks ago. I don’t really like the fair, BUT IT WAS AWESOME FOR ONCE! So heads up, there are going to be two poses. This post is just following me around the fair, Wednesday has the…… Continue reading Follow Me ‘Round the Fair