Orders of Business – March 6, 2018

This is a post of announcements and questions I have for ya’ll. And for further reference, posts with this thumb image are announcement posts. Order of Business 1 I’ve been making a list of different posts I can write that are not short stories or novel writing updates. So, I’m branching out a bit. Since…… Continue reading Orders of Business – March 6, 2018

Novel Writing Week 5 – TotS

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash Previous Posts Novel Writing: Week 1 – TotS Novel Writing: Week 2 – TotS Novel Writing: Week 4 – Tots Monday, February 12, 2018 – Monday, February 19, 2018 As of this moment: Prologue: 530 Words Chapter 1: 1, 256 Words Chapter 2: 2,848 Words Chapter 3: 2,292 Words Chapter 4: 2,747…… Continue reading Novel Writing Week 5 – TotS

The Queen – A Short Story

Here’s a short Valentines story! I hope you enjoy your day, and this story!   The king woke to the sound of his wife singing, a sound that woke him most mornings. She emerged from their closet in a simple gown of red velvet, her honey gold hair cascading down her back. She kissed him,…… Continue reading The Queen – A Short Story

Novel Writing: Week 4 – Tots

Previous posts and I’m sorry, there is no Week 3 because I DID NOTHING THAT ENTIRE WEEEEEKKKKK. *sigh* I am on a tight schedule I can’t afford this. Novel Writing: Week 1 – TotS Novel Writing: Week 2 – TotS   Monday, February 5, 2018 – Monday, February 12, 2018 As of this moment: Prologue:…… Continue reading Novel Writing: Week 4 – Tots

Moods of the Month – And How they Affect Your Views

Each month has its ups and downs in terms of views. Sure, if you don’t do marketing, you won’t get views. If you don’t make content, you don’t get views. But for the sake of this article let’s think about it this way: You: You’re a blogger or someone who makes content on the internet.…… Continue reading Moods of the Month – And How they Affect Your Views

Commonplace Book 16

As I prepped this post, I notice I was probably reading the Horse and his boy, and just had my commonplace book open, which doesn’t happen to me very much. So here we go. (“Hullo,” thought Shasta. “Although they’re king and queen, they’re brother and sister, not married to one another.”) – The Horse and…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 16