CWWC 2018: Made New

Hey, ya’ll! My month off was great, thanks for asking. I actually really missed writing for the blog. Though it was a relief to be free of the pressure of OH NO, I NEED A NEW POST. On that little sidebar to the left, you’ll find the stories tab. Inside the stories tab, there is…… Continue reading CWWC 2018: Made New

Commonplace Book 26

I was born with a reading list I will never finish. – Maud Casey   As soon as he opened his eyes the child remembered, and his heart soared. This was the day he had waited for so long the-  day of the fair. He lay there for a minute, beneath his tumbled bedclothes, savoring the…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 26

Read it Well ~ Part One – Short Story ~ CCWC

(playing around with tesnes, I promise there is more present tense at the end) Prompts:  I don’t own these images.   A girl sits on the bank of the river. The sun shines on her gold hair, the breeze playing with it as she taps the ballpoint pen against her teeth. Her dark brown eyes…… Continue reading Read it Well ~ Part One – Short Story ~ CCWC


I got tagged for another thing! But this time, it’s very much novel related and not really question based. Thanks for tagging me Artful I am crap at writing summaries, but here’s a shot at it. Peter wants to prove himself to the world and jumps at the chance to go on a quest with…… Continue reading 7777

Tag! I’m It!

Thanks to the Artful Author for tagging me in this! You can read her post about this here. How many notebooks do you own and how many of them have writing in them? Okay, let’s use imaginary numbers here because I really don’t know. Say I have 100 notebooks, not including sketchbooks, 50 are written…… Continue reading Tag! I’m It!

Commonplace Book 25

You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! This room is the greatest arsenal we could ever have. – Doctor Who   Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting. – Peter Pan   Imagination…is the only weapon in the war against reality. – Alice in…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 25

Draft One – Complete

It took 20 weeks, and a whole bunch of crying and frustration (as well as inconsistent posts). Oof. I’m in deep editing mode of both my novel and The artful author’s novel. I still need to post the updates for the chapters that I haven’t told you about yet. Previous Posts Novel Writing: Week 1…… Continue reading Draft One – Complete