Writing Prompts Series 4

THIS IS THE POST FOR TODAY INSTEAD OF THE COMMONPLACE BOOK. THE COMMONPLACE BOOK POST 12 WILL BE POSTED NEXT WEEK. I have moments when I stare at my screen thinking: I need to write something. I have the urge to write. Where have all of my ideas gone? Most people (myself included) go onto…… Continue reading Writing Prompts Series 4

Catching Rockets – Micro Fiction

The rocked prepared to launch. It slid into place on the launch panel and on the yellow control panel, a key was turned in the slot. The red button began to blink rapidly, prepared to launch. The patient crowed tittered in excitment and inticipation. 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Launch.…… Continue reading Catching Rockets – Micro Fiction

The Wood Sprite – Flash Fiction

I walked through an expanse of unnamed woods in the countryside of England. I had been walking for several hours until the sound of singing reached my ears. I searched for the sound, and to my surprise I came upon a little girl, standing next to a tree. She caressed the tree’s bark and sang her…… Continue reading The Wood Sprite – Flash Fiction

Painted Stars, Silver Moon – Flash Fiction

A tall lonely girl, with long dark blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes began to paint on her wall. She had no friends, so she began to paint. She painted her wall. She painted her white wall black. She didn’t know what she would put on it yet but she liked the continual work. She…… Continue reading Painted Stars, Silver Moon – Flash Fiction

Story Announcements!

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! IMMA BLOW YOUR MINDS PEEPS!   So it’s been quite a few months since I wrote and posted the help me write a story post. And this is the story ya’ll came up with. This story would be too long to post in one installment so this means *drumroll please* I HAVE…… Continue reading Story Announcements!

How to Read Epics and Plays

    Peeps! Imma blow your mind. Shakespeare wrote plays. What!? I know right!? But let’s rewind and get some culture education, both modern and from the past. When highschoolers and adults alike hear the name Shakespear, Homer or Beowulf what do they (or you) think about? How hard it is to read, how long…… Continue reading How to Read Epics and Plays

Abandoned Questions – Micro Fiction

In a small little town, in an even smaller neighborhood, there sits a forlorn little house that hasn’t been lived in for some years. Old clothes hung on the line or used to. They had blown off, been stolen by children or dogs. Inside there is a thick layer of dust and dirt on everything…… Continue reading Abandoned Questions – Micro Fiction