Essential Online Tools for Writers

I have come up with a list of the main writing tools that I use online. Note that all of these are free but an * will be placed beside those that require an upgrade for better features. (Personally, I think the free versions work. But whatever is best for you.)

  1. Storm Board*

Storm board is a great place to collaborate with your friends. (Provided they have an account on said website) It allows you to work with tons of tools built into the software. This website is capable of mind-mapping of great quality. You can include photos, videos, and notes as well as making note cards an linking them all together. You can even categorize them. It has two upgrades. The first upgrade is relatively cheap. The second best thing is that you have unlimited boards without paying for a subscription.

  1. Lift Lit

Lit lift has capabilities beyond my wildest dreams. It will generate characters for you, and it will let you make a master list of all of your original characters. It will even let you upload books and sell them if you desire. It is also absolutely free! They are a nonprofit organization. And they advertise NO sneaky upgrade later. They offer more than I have told you but it’s time to move on!

  1. Atavist*

Atavist is a site mainly used for selling your books, though you have to get a monthly subscription to atavist in order to sell. It allows you to style your text, include different types of media in your project. (Including video) But again, to do everything but write on atavist you must get a paid subscription. Again reasonably cheap, about $8 a month.

7. Grammarly*

Grammarly is obviously a grammar program. It checks your grammar THREE times the efficiency of Word spell check. It also teaches you what is wrong so you can learn to avoid the same mistakes you make repeatedly.

Several features such as plagiarism checker, vocabulary enhancement, and professional proofreading are included. The last one is where a live person reads your document and gives you feedback. All you need to do is click send….and cough up $37.95 A MONTH! If you have the browser Chrome, you may download the plug-in for free (Not including paid subscription)! The plugin will check your emails, posts on social media, and IMs. If you don’t have chrome or other supported browsers, you have to pay to use the program….and just to get the plugin. So I suggest getting chrome or something because it’s worth it.

8. My Write Club

Last but certainly not least; myWriteClub. MyWriteClub is a useful program, even though it is Beta.Once you have your account, you set up your writing goals. Select your unit of measurement, select how many units, then title your goal. This tool is useful for many reasons, one of them is prioritizing. With all of your goals in one place side by side, it will become easier to decide which one to do first.  Another thing myWriteClub offers are sprints. Sprints are 30 minute periods where you write. You can join someone else’s sprint, (by invitation) the world sprint, or make your own and invite whom you choose. I have used this tool for only a short time, but it is invaluable to me.



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