11 Adventurous Adverbs


The purpose of this list is to bring you interesting words, that I particularly love. These words are specifically adverbs, and I have organized them alphabetically for your convenience and quick referencing.

1. A Capella- Without instrumental accompaniment.
2. Ad Libitum – A more formal term for ad lib.
3. Alfresco – Out-of-doors; in the open air.
4. Amain – With full force.
5. Assiduously – Carefully methodical and persistent.
6. Downstage – At or toward the front of a stage.
7. Many words with the suffix -ly.
8. Mellifluously – Sweetly; having a smooth rich flow.
9. Per Diem – For each day (Usually used within financial contexts.)
10. Well-nigh – very nearly; almost.
11. Withershins – Counterclockwise; in a direction contrary to the natural one.

I hope you love these new words as much as I did! I am glad to have this many adverbs, as they are hard to find.



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