11 Adventurous Adverbs

Today I have compiled a list of unusual adverbs that I don’t think most readers would know. All these words are real words, and all of these words can be found (And MANY more) on dictionary.com.

This list, like all other word lists are in alphabetical order.

1. A Capella- Without instrumental accompaniment.
2. Ad Libitum – A more formal term for ad lib.
3. Alfresco – Out-of-doors; in the open air.
4. Amain – With full force.
5. Assiduously – Carefully methodical and persistent.
6. Downstage – At or toward the front of a stage.
7. Many words with the suffix -ly.
8. Mellifluously – Sweetly; having a smooth rich flow.
9. Per Diem – For each day (Usually used within financial contexts.)
10. Well-nigh – very nearly; almost.
11. Withershins – Counterclockwise; in a direction contrary to the natural one.

I hope you love these new words as much as I did! I am glad to have this many adverb, as they are hard to find. Also please tell me of any interesting words I missed (use the tags #adj, #n, #v, #adv).



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