Said is Dead – 50 Replacements

If you are a writer with a Pinterest account, you have seen an infographic containing the header: SAID IS DEAD. So I have trolled Pinterest and several books to bring you a list of words to replace the word said.

  1. Added
  2. Announced
  3. Answered
  4. Argued
  5. Asked
  6. Barked
  7. Begged
  8. Called
  9. Chirped
  10. Complained
  11. Cried
  12. Demanded
  13. Exclaimed
  14. Explained
  15. Gasped
  16. Giggled
  17. Grinned
  18. Hollered
  19. Howled
  20. Hummed
  21. Laughed
  22. Moaned
  23. Mumbled
  24. Murmured
  25. Muttered
  26. Ordered
  27. Peeped
  28. Promised
  29. Questioned
  30. Replied
  31. Sang
  32. Scolded
  33. Screamed
  34. Screeched
  35. Shouted
  36. Shrieked
  37. Sighed
  38. Smiled
  39. Sobbed
  40. Spoke
  41. Squeaked
  42. Squealed
  43. Suggested
  44. Thought
  45. Told
  46. Wailed
  47. Warned
  48. Whispered
  49. Yelled
  50. Yipped

I hope this list will spice up your writing, but be careful! Most readers have now subconsciously trained their eyes to skip over the word said and can usually tell who is talking via context. Overusing these words may cause your reader’s eyes to stumble over your dialogue. But make sure you tell us clearly who’s talking instead of hiding speaker tags or not putting them in at all. 




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