Simple Editing Checklist

This checklist is just a basic checklist to help train your eye to edit. There won’t be very much in-depth items, as they deserve a checklist all of their own.

  1. I checked for correct spelling.
  2. I checked for correct punctuation.
  3. I checked for proper grammar.
  4. I checked for proper word usage.
  5. I checked for proper capitalization.
  6. I used ONLY complete sentences.
  7. I began new paragraphs in the proper places.
  8. I indented each paragraph.
  9. I used transition words to make my story, paper, etc, flow better.

I hope this aids you in your writing process. Please tell me if you think anything should be added to this list.

Again, Leaving this for posterity… Edited January 19, 2018



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