Building Your Writing Playlist

Well, the idea for this post is not my own original idea. If you want to check out the post that gave me the idea check out:      The Best Writing Playlist: Songs for Every Step

Her post is for writing specific things/moods and her recommendations for those items. This post is what I like to listen to and tips on picking your own. Here we go:

My favorites:

  • Anything Peter Crowley (Extremely Good for Writing Fantasy)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean the Black Pearl – Klaus Badelt
  • Lord of the Rings (NOT the Hobbit, and ONLY instrumental) – Howard Shore
  • Avengers Theme Song (Pre-Writing Pump Up) – Alven Silvestri
  • Indiana Jones Theme – William Spielberg
  • The Piano Guys (Instrumental ONLY)
  • This is Berk – John Powell
  • The Hunt for Red October Hymn (Feeling of Accomplishment Follows Listening to This) – Basil Poledouris

Tips for Picking you own Awesome Writing Playlist:

  • ONLY choose instrumental music.

Music with words will distract you from writing your own. You are tempted to sing along with said song and this will go on forever, trust me. You either sing the song or write your story. You cannot do both.

  • Be Careful which Movie/TV Soundtracks you listen to.

This one is tricky. From personal experience, I mostly listen to the more obscure music in the movies. Otherwise, you will start to brood on the movie and start thinking about random, obscure things about it. BUT, the positive about this is the movie and its dialogue and plot-line may have the flash of inspiration you need. Further advice: If you need inspiration try making a playlist full of movie themes and ponder each movie’s plot-line for a good long time.


TRICKY, TRICKY, TRICKY! I remember, I told you NOT to pick anything with words but hear me out. There are three types of acceptable situations for audio with words.

  1. Sometimes, listening to music with words might help you identify with a character’s mood and help you visualize what sort of thing your character would say.
  2. The second is not music related at all. This one is for simply taking a break. Sometimes your brain gets too overworked and you need a break. I like to listen to Bob Newhart and Rhett and Link’s Songs. These are both comedy audio and I find they release tension.
  3. The last of these three ways is to pick music that isn’t in your native tongue for instance: I am American, don’ know a lick of Russian, and I enjoy listening to a Hymn for Red October from the movie, Red October.

I hope  you benefit from this when picking your music choices. Again the inspiration for this article came from a similar one on the Artful Author’s Blog so check it out.

The Artful Author




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