American Authors, My Recommendations

Hey! I have for you today a list of my favorite of America Authors. Honestly, I don’t read that many American books that are good. But when I do, I treasure them highly. So this list is going to work the same way as My Recommendations of British Authors.

  • Author’s Name – YOB-and if deceased YOD: My favorite book they have written

Let’s begin!

  • Lucy Maud Montgomery – 1874-1942: Anne of Green Gables
  • L. Frank Baum – 1856-1919: The Wizard of Oz
  • Louisa May Alcott – 1832-1888: Little Women
  • N.D. Wilson – 1978- : 100 Cupboards
  • Nathan Hawthorne – 1804-1864: The Scarlet Letter
  • Rick Riordan -1964-: The Lightning Theif – #1 in the Percy Jackson Series
  • Richard Peck – 1934-: Secrets at Sea
  • E. Selznick -1966-: The Marvelous invention of Hugo Cabret
  • Trenton Lee Stewart -1970-: The Mysterious Benedict Society – #1 in the Mysterious Benedict Society Trilogy
  • Lemony Snicket –classified-: All the Wrong Questions: Who could that be at this hour? #1 in the Series, All the Wrong Questions
  • E.L. Konigsburg -1930-2013: The View from Saturday

I hope you liked this list of American authors. Please in the comments, tell me your favorite book from any of these authors and tell me more authors to put on this list and your favorite work of theirs.



6 thoughts on “American Authors, My Recommendations

    1. I only placed my favorites on the list and even then I was lacking. I forgot to add Jeanne Birdsall author of the Penderwicks. And that is why I opened up the comments to add your personal favorites to mine. But I also do agree that Mark Twain is an amazing author. I have never read Wila Cather, though My Antonia is on my list to read. Thanks again. (If it means that much to you, when I read My Antonia, I’ll write a book review) 🙂


  1. I still have my “Wizard of Oz” picture book that my mom gave me when I was little. And of course I’ve seen the movie countless times. But I realized I’ve never actually read the book. It’s on my nightstand now! Thanks for the reminder that I should give it a read! I’m enjoying all your lists. (I’m a list kind of person.) 😊


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