Stars of Earth – A Poem

Stars of Earth

Blinking, blinking, Starlight flies,
Glistening in my wide eyes.
Come closer, ever near,
Soft and silent to my ear.

Fire dancing in the woods,
Building blocks of childhoods.
In my hand, I hold a cup;
Oh, that fairy catching cup.

Sneaking ever closer still.
I’ll keep these stars on my sill.
Catching one I seal it up,
In my fairy catching cup.

Blinking, blinking, trapped starlight;
Oh, earthly star longing flight.
Little fire why so sad?
When I have you, and am glad.

But I see a milky way,
One star missing from the fray.
And the one star in cup
Is the star to fill it up.

So, I relinquish my prize.
And this star, in tiny size,
Flies along in mirth,
With his friends the stars of earth.

Bi Xatirê Te – Wysteria


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