The Penderwicks – A Book Review

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When the four Penderwick sisters find themselves staying on a beautiful estate called Arundel for their summer holidays, they can’t wait to explore the wonderful, sprawling grounds. And even more wonderful is Jeffrey, son of Arundel’s owner – the perfect compainion for their summer adventures. But Jeffrey’s mother is less than thrilled with the Penderwick sisters and warns the new friends to stay out of trouble. Which, of course, they will. Won’t they? (Blurb from the back of the Book)

This light-hearted read is wonderful for all ages. But it is geared for a younger age, about ten to twelve. I love to read this one late summer and I have read it many times. It’s a quick read, only about 260 pages, and quite relaxing before bedtime. The chapters are decently long, but not so long as to be tedious. I would recommend this one as a read aloud for the entire family, or just a chapter a night for a bedtime story.

Meet the Characters:

Rosalind: Twelve years old, and the oldest of the four Penderwick sisters. She is a good baker, and is very caring and compassionate.

Skye: Eleven years old. Blue sky, blue eyes. That’s how she likes to be remembered. Even though she looks nothing like her sisters. She is the adventurous one in the group. Unafraid to try new things.

Jane: Ten years old, and an aspiring author. Sabrina Starr, her heroine, rescues things. She is a little timid, but when she wants to be, can be as adventurous as Skye.

Batty: Four year old Elizabeth. Wears butterfly wings everywhere. She is the one who can understand their dog, Hound. Shy, when meeting new people, or people she views as not nice.

Jeffrey: A very interesting boy. His hopes and dreams are large. He enjoys the Penderwicks because of how genuine they are, unlike Teddy Robinette. Jeffrey is brave and very kind, especially to Batty.

Picture1.png Five out of Five Stars: Excellent!

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