Find Your Writing Spot

Where do you write? At a desk, in a chair, stretched out on your living room floor? Outside, on a swing, on the grass? Finding your ideal spot is important. Somewhere where you can focus and be comfortable. If you are not comfortable you will be unfocused. That i the general rule.

At a desk.

Pros. It’s super easy to lay out papers and perhaps draw a quick scetch of something. Make cliffs notes for yourself, and if writers block pops up, perhaps doodle on the paper.

Cons. It’s also really easy to make a desk messy. Like a tornado of paper. Soon you don’t know where anything is. OOPS! I thought that was scratch paper. Nope, it was a super important piece of dialogue I just scribbled down and haven’t gotten to use. Things like that.

In a chair. 

Pros. Super comfortable spot, you can do this one anywhere in a city, or even any given house. You can even put a folding chair in your car and take it with you to an inspiring place and then just write your heart out.

Cons. Also a super good place to nap. If you like to spread out, this is not the place for you. You would probably have to have a lap desk, or if not burn your lap with your computer.

Stretched out anywhere

Pros. It’s pretty comfortable here on the ground. It’s easy to have a computer in front of you and just type. It’s also a good position to roll over and look up at cool clouds (I like this idea ) or be hypnotised by the electric fan.

Cons. It’s another easy place to fall asleep. Also, if you’re down there too long, you ten to get sore on your stomach and ribs region.

On a swing (Porch Swing)

Pros. Super duper fun place to be. It’s outside, it swings you back and forth. Super inspiring. It even has a place to put papers if you decide not to rock back and forth like a maniac, or a small child.

Cons. It will dup stuff everywhere. Including you. You have to hold onto your computer when you swing otherwise it’s going to crash to the ground. If you want to be alone. Don’t do it here. It’s super tempting to run and jump onto a prch swing and begin swinging like a small child, even if there’s already someone on the prch swing.

I personally like to write on the roof. DON’T FREAK OUT. My bedroom windows open onto the roof of my screened in porch, so I removed the screens and that is where I write. . If you are a teenager reading this and the roof is just perfect for you, ask your parents first. If you are an adult, please don’t sue me if you fall off. Use common sense. Don’t go out in the dark, don’t go out in the rain, don’t go out in the snow. Don’t go onto the apex of your roof where the gradient it the steepest. If you really want to be high up, go up to your attic or build a tree house.

With that being said, I hope the descriptions of these writing environments will help you in all you do.




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