How I Overcome Writer’s Block

I, like everyone else, has had writer’s block. That accursed block in the way of writing a masterpiece, and gaining millions of dollars! We have always wanted to break writer’s block, so that it can never be built-in front of us. But why do we even get writer’s block? Is it writing is boring? You are boring? What you’re writing is boring?

Maybe it’s the fact that we didn’t prepare against writer’s block. Maybe you are driving down a highway and you have two options. Construction ahead, or detour. When we have writer’s block, we head towards the construction zone which invariably has the dreaded blockade ahead. Detours are methods to avoid construction. And normally for me they work.

Remember, these are all solutions that I like. You must test them and others to find the right fit for you. Don’t be scared to experiment. Also, when you’re done reading this, shoot us a comment about what helps you write.

  1. Don’t be too warm or too cold. Try to find a balance. But if a little cozy or a little chilly sparks your imagination, go for it! Also, maybe a favorite hoodie, or a blanket you love will help you focus. If not, maybe that blanket will help you take a nap which is #2.
  2. Take a nap. A lot of the times, when we hit the block, we need to bounce back and take a nap. Writer’s block is sometimes our body’s way of saying, ‘Stop using up our precious brain energy so quickly. You need a nap!’ When we write, we are using predominately using our brain. To think of the words, to send signals to our fingers to type or scribble. The reason you’re so tired after writing, is your brain takes up 20% of your body’s energy everyday. When you write your brain takes more energy. TAKE A NAP, it will RECHARGE you.
  3. Find a food or drink that helps you concentrate. Now, I don’t advise eating all the time. I mean if you won’t take a nap-eat something. Humans are toys that don’t come with batteries. We need food in order to function. But sometimes if you are hungry, you’re really just thirsty. FOR WATER. I can’t tell you what to do, but I can recommend healthy choices if you want to drink something. Soda doesn’t really work for me. But flavored seltzer water, normal water and Tea works. I find hot tea that you brew is the best for me. Again, experiment, with what helps.
  4. Shower. Again, like the napping, it’s best to take a break from looking at your computer or paper. Showering is a good way to keep hygienic, and make living with you easier. And the shower is one the places I think of new ideas the most. THAT, and before I fall asleep.
  5. Listen to music to help your brain be interested in something. Your brain will probably get bored with staring at whatever you’re writing, so listening to music will probably boost energy (depending on genre) and stimulate creativity. You can build your music playlist easily, thanks to the internet. I wrote a piece on how to assemble one: Building Your Writing Playlist

I hope these ideas help you in your writing endeavors. Again, please tell me what things help you avoid, or get rid of writer’s block.

በህና ሁን – Wysteria


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