The Piano that Loved Children – A Poem

There was once an upright piano,
He was played by children,
Who would play on stage,
While parents listened.

The others on stage,
Grand pianos with grace,
Who were played by professionals,
They would laugh and say,

Oh how the children pound,
Making out out of tune.
And making awful sounds,
With their piddly songs,
You’re a laughing stock and disgrace.

The upright set one thing straight.

I love children so,
They’re trying so hard to be great.
The child today is master tomorrow,
Their learning causes no sorrow.

On who do you think your masters began,
Playing easy Mozart and Chopin.
Their playing on me made them appreciate you,
And their general love for the piano.

So children should play how ever they wish,
With teaching so they will never miss.
An opportunity to play beauty,
On a grand or upright’s keys.



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