Mary Poppins – A Book Review


Everyone knows of the Disney musical starring Julie Andrews. But have you ever read the book? You might be supprised to find out what the book is really like.

Tidbit of information for people who only like the book and consider it better than the movie, I have  mixed feelings on this point. The book was good, but I still love the musical. The author didn’t. P.L. Travers did what I would do if my book was ever turned into a movie and like most book adaptations, was butchered. She cried and had to be taken out of the theater she thought it was so bad. So buckle up.

Meet the Characters:

Mary Poppins: A magical nanny who is exactly as she appears to be, thank you very much. She has a vain streak, is rude, unflappable, and: A very excellent and worthy person, thoroughly reliable in every particular. She is kind, though you may not see it. And there is no doubt at all, she is good.

Jane and Michael Banks: The children who experience the most of Mary Poppin’s magic. Whenever they experience magic, they see different things about Mary Poppin’s past, and who her friends are.

Those are the main characters. I lie not. It’s that simple. I know, it’s terrible, but the Chimney Sweep Bert, is only seen in one chapter. The Jolly Holiday with Mary. (The Journey into the Chalk Drawing)

All in all, the book is rather good. It will make you laugh, and gasp in wonder. And there are bits that will make you cry. Yes, even harder than when you cried when Mary Poppins left in the movie. Another interesting thing, the chapters are more like little short stories about children and Nannie in one book. And, there are actually eight Mary Poppins books. Six Novels, a CookBook, and a Book with 26 Short Stories with a featured letter of the alphabet.

Picture2.png Four out of Five Stars: Above Average
– Wysteria


3 thoughts on “Mary Poppins – A Book Review

  1. Have I read them? Yes, and some more! A couple of months ago, I started a blog about Pamela L. Travers and her Mary Poppins because I believe that Pamela was misunderstood and her magical and original character replaced by the entertaining Disney version. The movie Saving Mr. did to Pamela L. Travers’s personal life exactly what the Mary Poppins movie did to her magical character, it distorted it. I am certain that the new movie is going to be a visual candy for the audiences and I will go see it but, the real character is the real deal!


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