Page 1 of my CommonPlace Book

So I’m going to share one page at a time of my common place book, every other Friday. So that would mean the next time, I post about my commonplace book would be on   Decemeber 23, 2016. Here we go!

Beware you writers who write within;

Be mindful of the stories you begin;

For every story has a beginning

May have a middle and an end.

Know this too, before you write;

Though day must come to night,

Not all beginnings make good talks;

Some succeed, while others fail.

Let this book its judgement lend

On whether and how your beginning ends.

-The Book of Story Beginnings –Kristin Kladstrup

How often have I said to you when you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains however impossible, must be the truth.

-Sherlock Holmes – The Sign of Four – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

It does people good to do things they don’t like, in a sense of moderation.

-Anne Shirley – Lucy Modd Montgomery (of all of them on this page, this one is my favorite)



2 thoughts on “Page 1 of my CommonPlace Book

  1. Thanks for sharing, Wysteria! I love Anne of Green Gables. My favorite quote from the book: “It’s ever so much easier to be good when your clothes are fashionable.” 🙂


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