The Blue Journal – A Flash Story

This short story is more of a flash. This is one of the first stories I’ve written in the short story (flash) style. Constructive criticism would be very much appreciated! I hope you enjoy


The Blue Journal – A Flash Story

Wysteria Campion

December 8
My entire life, I have never seen color, from my earliest memory to present day. I’ve only seen black and white, and I’m thirteen. When people find out, it’s kind of weird. They are so apologetic about it. They act extremely surprised, when they find out, that I love to draw. It’s always been my secret wish to become an artist when I grow up. But something has changed recently that could transform my life forever. Yesterday I went to get an eye exam. They said my vision was fine, and I didn’t need glasses, but they also said there was now a procedure to allow my eyes to see color. Well, only one color. It wasn’t safe to try and make me see more than one color. I decided, (with my parent’s permission,) to go through with the surgery. And I’ve already made up my mind what color I want to see. I want to see blue, any and all shades of blue. The sky, the ocean, my mom’s eyes. My eyes for that matter. I also decided to keep this journal to document seeing color for the first time. I’ll tell you how it goes. Surgery is in two weeks.

December 15
Okay, deep breath. Going under today, I hope it goes well! I can’t wait to see the color blue!

December 16
Yesterday was amazing! Apparently, there is a lot of blue in hospitals. After I woke up the first blue thing I saw was my mom’s eyes. They were stunning. I felt nearly blinded by the color. There were blue things everywhere. Outside and I saw, really saw the sky for the first time. It was breathtaking. Dad still doesn’t know why I didn’t choose the either red or green, considering it’s Christmas time. But I love blue so much I’m not sure any color could be better. Today I’m wrapping presents with all blue wrapping paper. My friend Lizzy, decided to paint our nails blue. We had an epic time painting our nails and watching the Wizard of Oz. It was basically an analogy for my life. Except when Dorothy came back to Kansas, and everything was black and white again. I hope that never happens to me.

June 23
Today we have arrived at the Ocean. It’s just so blue! I’m thankful that I can see blue, but I’m even more thankful that I can see different shades of blue. I think I may have even seen a hint of green in the ocean water. My new swimsuit is blue too!! It’s blue with white polka-dots. Oh, I love it so much. Today is my birthday too and mom made me a blue cake! Inside and out. Blue cookies, and blue popsicles. I thought the day I first saw blue was the best day of my life. Today might actually be the best day of my life.

July 4
I am so glad I picked the color blue! Red, white, and blue! I can see colorful fireworks! So much blue! Flags, jeans, fireworks, the fourth of July is now my favorite holiday.

September 10
Today I went to an Aviary. They had peacocks, macaws, blue jays, the normal blue bird, and kingfishers. It was awesome. It’s too bad that I don’t see blue birds in normal life. Then we went to a greenhouse. I saw cornflowers, Iris, hydrangea, butterfly bush, delphiniums, and periwinkle. They were gorgeous. I think I’m going to do a series of blue paintings, using images from my trip to the beach, the aviary, and the garden.

December 8
It has been exactly a year since I’ve been able to see blue. Every time I see it, I think how lucky I am to see at least one color. I think about how the people who can see in full color take that color for granted. I finished my painting of me in front of the ocean. The sky is blue, and the ocean, and my swimsuit, and my eyes, but everything else is in black and white. Just like how I see the picture. It won first prize in the state fair. Blue is truly amazing. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. But it makes me wonder: What do the other colors look like? I don’t think I’ll ever know, but honestly, I’m fine with that.

Special Thanks to whoever made the writing prompt that gave me the idea for this story.




4 thoughts on “The Blue Journal – A Flash Story

  1. I like that you did it in a journal format. That’s creative and unique. I don’t know what length you want this to be, but if I were you I might consider adding another entry between the Dec 16 one and the June 23 one–when I read that, I had to go back and look at the dates. It was kind of a long stretch of time. I really enjoyed this; and incidentally, if I was in your protagonist’s position, I’d choose blue also. 🙂


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