Return from Christmas Break and a Special Poem

To those who read my blog, hello again. I’ve missed you terribly. I enjoy coming up with things to write about and even sharing things I find that I think you would enjoy. I will say, I’m sorry Christmas break (and New Years for that matter), went so long and I haven’t posted anything. I have two computers. One is my old one I’ve had for several years (the one I’m working on now) and my new one I’ve had since April of 2016. The new one had everything on it. All of my cloud pictures I use as headings, my comics (yes, I work ahead. Even though it may not seem like it), poetry, rough drafts of short stories and bigger stories. Unfortunately, over Christmas Break, my hard-drive crashed. The manufacturers are going to fix it, but there is very little hope that anything will be retrieved. Sigh. So beginning next week on Monday, I will have my webcomics up and running. And this Friday I will have a Commonplace book post. But for now, I’m going to give you one of my favorite poems of all time. (Within the original formatting)


There Once Was A Puffin

by: Florence Page Jaques

Oh,  there once was a Puffin,

Just the shape of a muffin,

and he lived on an island

In the


                           blue sea!

He ate little fishes,

That were most delicious,

And he had them for supper

And he



                                     for tea.

But the poor little Puffin,

He couldn’t play nothin’,

For he hadn’t anybody




                                     at all.

So he sat on his island,

And he cried for a while, and

He felt very lonely,

And he


                             very small

Then along came the fishes,

And they said, “If you wishes,

You can have us for playmates,





So they now play together

In all sorts of weather,

And the Puffin eats pancakes,

Like you




I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do. And my mother does.




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