50 Replacements for the Word: Bad

The turn of events didn’t come out badly, they came out terrible.

Strong Adjectives are important to add flavor to your writing, but, it is also crucial in school. You can get marked down, for having weak and poor (not bad) adjectives. So to help in this struggle, I present to you 50 replacements for the word bad.
1. poor
2. harmful
3. immoral
4. mischievous
5. decayed
6. severe
7. sick
8. sorry
9. distressing
10. next
11. dangerous
12. dire
13. disastrous
14. disturbing
15. dreadful
16. extreme
17. frightful
18. ghastly
19. gruesome
20. harrowing
21. hideous
22. horrendous
23. horrid
24. horrifying
25. serious
26. severe
27. shocking
28. unfortunate
29. unpleasant
30. awe-inspiring
31. beastly
32. desperate
33. dread
34. dreaded
35. fearful
36. hateful
37. inconvenient
38. loathsome
39. monstrous
40. obnoxious
41. odious
42. offensive
43. petrifying
44. poor
45. repulsive
46. revolting
47. rotten
48. unnerving
49. unwelcome
50. vile


from: Thesaurus.com a branch of Dictionary.com



4 thoughts on “50 Replacements for the Word: Bad

  1. Did you come up with this list or did you google
    to get this list. I know you are a word girl and
    this is useful. This could be a very useful aid
    for the not so wordy people. You could publish
    A book with lists of words. You are so smart.


    1. I searched a few sources but I picked the most reliable on Thesaurus.com and picked from two of their lists. Synonyms for the words bad and terrible. To be completely honest, the replacements for terrible, had much more flavor. And thank you, you’re so sweet.


  2. Wow! That’s a handy list. I tend to be a lazy writer and just click the thesaurus button in word to find substitutes, but I’ll have to refer back to this one!


  3. It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that you shared this helpful
    information with us. Please keep us informed like this.
    Thank you for sharing.


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