The Slaying of Baldr

Shining, and radiant
beloved by all,
who would wish this pure one ill?
No one it would seem.

And yet Baldr still dreams,
of violent death,
and his rasping last breath/

Figg, queen of Asgard, and his mother,
made everything in every land promise,
not to smother her Baldr.

Loki, who hated goodness
in all its purity,
disguised himself as a cleaning woman,
and went to gossip with Frigg,
all things dirty.

Loki found out,
One thing Frigg did not make swear
A little plant that ere,
long would be her son’s undoing.

There was one blind god named Hod
who had not joined in the other’s game.
Of throwing weapons at Baldr to see them melt and dissolve.
And so did Loki resolve, to make him a victim too.

“Oh, Hod! Why do you not join in our merry game?”
“I have no weapon unto me, save for my name.”
“Oh, I have a spare one here, I will guide thine aim.”

And with that,
Baldr pierced in the throat,
by a little plant,
no one thought,
could ever harm him.

Loki was punished ever so cruelly,
and will not break free,
’till Ragnarok,
or so the story goes,

All because of a little,




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