The Swirling Storm of the Writer

A swirling sea rages,
within my weary heart,
a sadness and a longing,
ripping me apart.

I long to stop the stormy seas,
that roars within my ears,
the warm salt water gushes,
and lines my face with tears.

My pen is able,
calm the sea within,
keep my soul, my ship stable,
with words upon the page.

And as the ink flows from my pen
A lighthouse do I see
And my words come from within,
My ship is docked at safe port.

But alas!
For all good things must come to its end.

I sever my moors and bearings,
Cast out into the sea,
to meet the raging storm,
that rages inside me.

And as the captain on the ship,
Sees the heavy sky,
My pen, I lay down, and do not dip.
I leave my safe harbor,

Knowing I must brave the raging sea,
until the thirst of the writer, is quenched in me.

I would like to thank for providing a platform devoted to only poetry.



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