Partners in Crime – Part 1 : Chase

This is my first time writing a serial story. I hope ya’ll like it. Please tell me what you think in the comments below.


Partners in Crime -Part 1 : Chase

The search for the headquarters of the NewsService, The News Uncensored, continues. Authorities do not know how much longer it will take until they find they headquarters but when they do, they won’t hesitate to bring them to justice. Another reminder to our viewing public: All, The News Uncensored writing in any format is prohibited. You risk fines and jail time for possession of articles, reading of articles, and withholding information of their whereabouts. If you find copies of the newspaper, report them to your local Contraband Station. This has been Ted Buttes with GovNews Station Foxtrot.

I raced down a grimy alley, trying to avoid the cops. I don’t know why they decided to chase me, but if they caught me, I would be cooked. As I ran around a corner behind Big Buy’s storefront, I clutched at a pendant around my throat and looked for a way to escape. I spied a fire escape. The ladder wasn’t lowered but that didn’t deter me. I jumped onto a dumpster and pulled the down the fire ladder. It was rusty so I had to give it all I had. It suddenly it gave way and rattled down. I was able to face the police chasing me while I climbed the ladder. Three cops and their dogs raced around the corner, as I ascended the sixth rung. I continued to climb when something whizzed past my ear. A bullet. Why were they shooting at me? I look like just a harmless teenager. But then again, I’m not.
I climbed faster and faster until I got to the first fire landing. I climbed staircase after staircase towards the rooftops. The two policemen were climbing the ladder while one stayed with the dogs and speaking into his walkie-talkie. I could hear what he was saying through the speakers on the other cops’ radios.
Crackle, We have a situation down on fourth and main, east. Fugitive ascending to the roof. Three officers in pursuit, requesting helicopter as backup. Over. A reply came over the radio and it made my blood run cold.
Crackle, Sending requested helicopter to fourth and main, east. Two police to be lifted onto the rooftops. Three police cars in pursuit. Over. Crackle. I finally reached the roof. I ran as hard as I could towards the edge. I prepared myself for the jump. I leaped across to the other roof. Landing for a second on my feet, then my momentum took my shoulder to the ground and I rolled. I landed on my knees. I groaned and heaved myself up. The next gap was much narrower than the last and I jumped again. This time, I just stumbled to a stop on the rooftop. I took off again and continued to, jump, run, jump, run. I was almost to the end of the block when I was blinded from above. The helicopter had arrived.
I gritted my teeth and ran. I could hear the police officer’s heavy, pounding steps as they pursued me. I came to the end of the block. I looked over the edge to my right. I was cornered. Three cop cars were below me on the street, waiting for me to come down, knowing I had nowhere else to run. In front of me, there was the street. Behind me officers gaining fast. I looked to my left. A park, with lots of trees spread before me. There was a tree growing almost directly next to the building. I got a running start and I jumped into the abyss. Screaming like a jungle woman. I landed on an outstretched branch, the one I wanted to land on. But I only glanced off of it. It slowed my fall, but the dumpster broke it. I lay there on top of the dumpster only a few seconds. I groaned and pulled myself to my feet. I stumbled over to a manhole and tapped the center with my foot. It slid open and I dropped through. The manhole closed after me. I shimmied painfully down the ladder and ran quickly as far away as possible before the cops opened the manhole. A cop poked his head in, listening for footsteps, and swinging his flashlight around for any glimpse of me. I held as still as possible, closing my eyes, hoping he wouldn’t see me. I felt like a child in hide-and-seek, thinking if I close my eyes, I’d be invisible. The policeman’s voice echoed through the tunnel as he withdrew his head,
“There’s nothing here, Frank. She must be somewhere else.” I listened to the grinding noise that meant the manhole cover slid back into place. I leaned against the wall and sighed in relief. I trudged down the tunnel. I was in the sewer system of Nato. The capital city of, Phonal. Fortunately for me, this sewer line had been abandoned for about twenty years. Many of the old sewer lines had been closed off when the newer, greener solution came along.
I could not get spotted like that again, or it would risk the whole operation.



Picture found via google search. But the picture was off of Etsy. I’m sure if you pull this picture into google search you’ll find the necklace.


5 thoughts on “Partners in Crime – Part 1 : Chase

    1. Thanks. I’m done with part two, and since I don’t have a commonplace book post this Friday, I think I’ll post part two. And to be completely honest, I don’t know how long this is going to be. 🙂


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