World Building – Questions, and Application

My friend, Jess, wrote a cool post on questions you need to ask yourself when you build your own world inside your head. World Building Questions  And it inspired me, to help you myself. Now Jess created 72 different questions you need to ask about your world. Again, if you want extreme detail, refer back to her post.

I’m going to give you several questions that generalize several subjects. Culture, Terrain, People, Magic/Powers etc.

  1. Who lives there? e.g. Aliens, People, Dwarves, your own made up race.
  2. Are there multiple countries?
  3. Is it pangea? Is it an archipelago? Multiple Continents?
  4. Are there other planets to travel to?
  5. Is there magic? If so, what type? e.g. elemental, genetic, learned
  6. Is magic known by many, or by few? Are there schools of magic?
  7. How advanced is their technology?
  8. What is the currency, and how do you use it?
  9. How is the education system run?
  10. What type of Government is present? How does it do its job?
  11. Are there eco solutions available? And if so are they used (and used a lot)?
  12. What types of plants are there?
  13. Are there animals? If so, are they magical, real, or made up?
  14. How important (to science or religion) are the sun, moon, and stars? Or are they avoided?
  15. What type of Religions (if any) is present?

This is fun to do, to escape to your world and, it could potentially be a fun party game.

Again, if you want even more in-depth world building questions, check out !


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