Pen Names – Why Have One?

Pen names are so much fun! Coming up with one but what are the pros and cons to having a pen name?


  • A Cool Name – You can make it anything you want.
  • People Won’t know who you Are – People can’t beat a path to your door. (Unless you release your real name)
  • More than one Name – Publishers sometimes have authors write under a pen name to publish in a certain genre or to make it seem like your new stuff isn’t being over published.


  • People Won’t know who you Are – A waitress at a restaurant will not look at the name on your receipt and say, “You’re my favorite Author!”.
  • It’s harder to file taxes for a person who is using a psuedonym – The easiest way to ay your taxes and have a pen name is to use a publisher instead of self-publishing.

But another thing to ask is WHY to adopt a pen name?

  • Your name is boring. – Arnie Marvin…..That’s boring. Sorry If I offended anybody. It would be more recognizable if you came up with a pen name that has a ring to it.
  • Your name is too much like a celebrity’s name or IS a celebrities name.
  • Your Genre might be contraversial – Political writing, need I say more?
  • If privacy is important to you – You may not want your family to know what you’ve written. You don’t want paparazzi. You don’t want people to know your gender.

If you think there are any points I’ve missed, tell me in the comments below! Stay tuned for a post on How to Make a Pen Name.



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