So here’s the deal, I can draw. But I’m terrible at drawing from my head. AND, I don’t have enough money saved for Wacom….*sigh* – So I’m just going to have you, my loyal underlin- *ahem* readers, I meant, draw for me. ūüėõ


You are going to draw Anne or Jess, a picture of them together, or a scene from my story so far. Will add a link here to a post with Physical descriptions of Jess and Anne. For any other setting, check out my stories. Link will go here!


Like any other art submission, just go to my contact page and send me an HTML or email. More rules on the contact page on what I will and will NOT accept. Please read theRules CAREFULLY! Contact


I don’t have anything to offer you except about a quarter of my kingdom.

  • First, second, third, fourth, and fifth place will receive a post about how awesome their art is.
  • Any below fifth place will be in a separate¬†honorable mentions post.
  • First-Fifth will receive badges of their achievement to be displayed on the internet.
  • First will be featured on my Instagram, Twitter, Google+, My PintrestAnd my Deviant Art profile showing their art and their first place badge.If you drew a scene from a previous story, it will be placed as the thumbnail of the chapter it was from, or if a person (or both) it will be the thumbnail of the next part of the story. Will also be featured in the free eBook (once I finish writing the story…)
  • ¬†Second will be featured on my Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter
  • Third Place will be featured on my Instagram, Pintrest, and Twitter
  • Fourth and Fifth will be on Instagram and Pintrest¬†as well.
  • Sixth and Below, on Pintrest.


This contest is also helping me gauge how many of you want my story to continue. If you just can’t draw, send me a comment below to give the story some support. If you haven’t read my story up to this point, click here:

Partners in Crime ‚Äď Part 1 : Chase

Partners in Crime – Part 2: Home

Partners in Crime – Part 3: Transformation Job

Partners in Crime Part ‚Äď 4: Rumors and Doubtful Letters

Draw and Show Your Support  -Wysteria





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