Results of the Art Contest!

Thank you to those who gave their art for being in my contest!

In first place is…

Aster Silverwood! Aster’s Blog

unnamed (5).jpg


In Second place is….

Nicole C! Nicole’s Blog


In Third place is….

Fanny P!

unnamed (3).jpg

In Fourth place is…

Me! I had fun drawing for my own contest! And I think it turned out pretty well! XD

unnamed (2)


Congratulations for winning this contest! I will make another art contest if I get 30 Likes on this post and maybe a comment or two! Do you want me to make more contests! I had fun with this! And I hope you decide to support it! Happy reading/drawing!


Here are your badges! Only Fann P. Requested not to be recognized outside of this post.


3 thoughts on “Results of the Art Contest!

  1. Congrats to all the winners! These drawings are amazing! I was wondering if you would be interested in my blog designing services. Usually, I charge, but I can make an exception for you. :)) You can visit my blog and contact me if you’re interested! I can’t wait to see more posts! ^-^


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