Posting Schedule!

Man, I’ve missed you guys!

It feels good to be behind the wheel again. So sorry, a day long, writing seminar, guests at my home, and mandatory board games really pushed back my plan to post at lunchtime. *sigh*

So I want to update you guys on how this is going to work for the rest of spring, and perhaps the majority of summer.

I have very little time to actually write a post. I have homework, and WIPs, so posts are pushed aside. I’m making benchmarks for myself to be doing a certain amount of work a week, and when I do that, I get to blog. YAY!


I have been drawing comics, *embarrassed giggle* I haven’t actually colored them in yet XD.

I’ve been working on my social media marketing (Links)

And my stories…My stories deserve a little section all their own.

My main Novel (first in my future trilogy), The Return of Griffons (Terrible Title I know, but I need to call it something), is being pushed back to About August or September, so I can do the One Year Adventure Novel (OYAN) TEASER: Future post about that to come. ūüôā And make my first novel the best I can possibly make it.

My serial stories. I was stupid. Reaaaallly stupid when I posted the first chapter. I should have written it all and THEN posted it but as I am continuously¬†reminding myself via trial and error: I have VERY little patience. But I am working on it! Don’t worry! You will know what happens (the next part to be released soon as I finish editing it).

My short stories. I am writing a free ebook of short stories I’m going to call Prompted Shorts. I’m finding writing prompts throughout the internet (not mine) and writing stories on them. If you make writing prompts or find a good one, you can officially challenge me to write a story about it. Challenge me on social media or here on my blog. So far out of twenty stories I’m going to put in that book, I’ve nearly completed four stories, and I’m shooting myself by starting another in the middle of writing my other stories XD. But Hey, I write by the seat of my pants and it’s so much fun. (If I focus on one project too long, I can’t get any farther in it, I need to bounce around)

NOVELLETE: Now this is my biggest project for the summer. I’m writing a fairy-tale retelling of the Taming of the Shrew, and it is so much fun! I have 3K words out of a goal of 15K-20K words. I’ll post more about that when it’s closer to completion. Comment below if you would be interested in (eventually) beta-reading, or (eventually) being on a launch team. This is also my Camp Nano Project….I need to get cracking.

Poetry. Poetry. Poetry. This is probably the medium of writing I have exercised the most this month. April is National Poetry Month (NaPoMo). I have written a poem nearly every day this month (Thos will be posted on here in subsequent posts).

Art…..Art prompts, art submissions…..I’m a drawing you can check that out on my deviant art page. But I’m behind in making art prompts. I’ll get those posted ASAP in the coming weeks.¬†Wysteria Campion’s Deviant Art

Now here is the big question: Wysteria, If your life is so busy you can’t write posts, then how are you going to post? Well, there is a cool thing called auto-post. I write the draft of a post, finish it up, and set a date on the computer for my blog to automatically post it.

What are you going to be writing about? The usual stuff, but a lot of poetry, stories and a few surprise articles. *mysterious glitter explosion*

CHANGES: I am going to be adding some new stuff to my dropdown menus. I’m experimenting with my theme, because I can’t seem to find the right one, I have an offer from a web designer for some cool graphics, and I’m going to be making some better thumbnails for my posts….because let’s get real, I like my clouds, but no one’s clicking on them on Pinterest and that’s really hurting my stats. So this means almost a COMPLETE overhaul on my blog. I may even redraw some of my comics in my new style.

I hope you guys will stick around, because: The best is yet to come. And thank you for being faithful to this blog. I have never had a day during my entire break that I have had 0 views. Thank you so much!
I have another benchmark next week. Until next Monday!



3 thoughts on “Posting Schedule!

  1. You’re amazing Wysteria! Looking forward to all you are working on. If I find a fun prompt I will throw down the gauntlet and challenge you to complete it!

    Liked by 1 person

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