Phoenix Tears – NaPoMo 1 2017

Tears trace themselves across his face,
His eyes, un-moving, stare into space.

His heart feels dead inside him,
His heart turns cold and dim.

His heart that once flamed with passion,
Now, is grim and ashen.

His soul, though, still flames on,
And brings in him a new dawn.

A flame of rage ignites his soul,
And he discovers his newfound goal.

He must pay for what he’s done,
She was the one.

He must burn before he dies,
And see his world turn to ash in his eyes.

His soul must waver and burn no more,
And then, I will finally settle the score.

He’s robbed me of my love,
He now shall burn and the likes thereof.

They shall burn.

NaPoMo 1


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