Art Prompts Series 1 – Art Prompts are Re-Designed

Re-do of my Art Prompts! I’m keeping the prompt’s content, just changing their look, and making the organization less…confusing. So here’s how a series is made.

Every Series will consist of three collections of art prompts. For instance, Series 1 will consist of: October, November, and December.

Every series will alternate between month themed prompts, and other random prompts. Each month prompt is based off of the theme of the month. Usually the season, or holidays. They will usually have the number of days in the month, so you can draw every-day. The only exception is February, which will have fourteen. The other random prompts, will be however long I want to make them, but the minimum is ten. Don’t be afraid to give me ideas to put in my monthly or random prompts!

I will also be posting these series with all three prompt collections at one time, instead of continually updating them with new pictures, and you not knowing when I add new pictures.

Hope you like them! Make sure to check out my contact page for rules on how to send me your artwork. That system is going to be updated as well, look out for a post on that. Send Me Your Work!! -Wysteria





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