Help Me Write a Story

Okay here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to list a few criteria, and you can choose which criteria you want to answer in the comments below or answer them all, no one’s stopping you (mwahahahaha). These comments will be melded together to create a story. It may be bad, it may be the best story I’ve ever written so here it goes.

Main Character

Answer basic information: gender, height, eye color, hair color, body type, personality

Driving Force Possibilities?

Something quirky, about them or a distinguishing feature (a hand movement, scar etc.)

Supporting Character

Answer the same as the main character.

Should there be more than one?


Is it a person, Group, idea, supernatural being, or a monster?

Driving Force

Plot Ideas

….Have fun with whatever randomness comes to mind.

Other Extras

Suggest other random things that might not fit. Such as setting, time, or other random characters!

This is going to be so much fun! If I get enough comments and actually write this thing, maybe we can do this again. Tell me if you want me to make another one in the comments! I can’t wait to hear from you! Let’s write together!



8 thoughts on “Help Me Write a Story

  1. The main character is tall, dark, and handsome. She’s a girl. She looks tough, but she’s actually pretty timid, and she’s never gotten over the loss of her mother. Yes, there’s more than one supporting character, but they’re all kind of clones of each other–up to you to figure out in what ways they’re clones and in what ways they’re different. The villain is a person who killed the tall/dark/handsome girl’s mother (although the girl may not know this yet). This is set in Civil War America, but aliens come into play somewhere.

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  2. The main character is a girl, but though she’s tall, one leg is crippled. She’s shy and quiet.
    The supporting character is a loud, brash boy.
    I like Hailey’s civil war/aliens idea. Keep that. 😉 Stage it in the Confederacy.
    There’s also this old man who sits in a tavern all day, telling people that aliens are coming.

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  3. Main character
    Height: 6ft
    Gender: Female
    Hair: dark brown
    Eyes: hooded, dark brown (almost black)
    Body type: broad, strong and healthy
    Personality: conscientious, honest, practical, observant, reserved, self-reliant, timid, sensitive, cautious, sombre, secretive
    Quirk or distinguishing feature: a strange birthmark on her left temple.
    Driving force: she finds another person with the same birthmark as her and this leads her to discover that there could be more to the death of her mother than she realised.
    Supporting Character
    Height: 5’5”
    Gender: Male
    Hair: mousy brown, unkempt
    Eyes: almond, hazel
    Body type: square
    Personality: adventurous, confident, direct, genuine, abrasive, impulsive, obnoxious
    Quirk or distinguishing feature: cleft lip
    Driving force: something to do with the birthmark. It could be a branding of sorts. Those with the strange birthmarks are taken or used as weapons against humans.
    Other Ideas
    Main character’s mother was taken by aliens as a girl and brought back years later as a fully grown adult with an agenda – but she couldn’t remember what. She couldn’t even remember who she was either until her first born. She had to protect her – with her life.
    The old man in the tavern was taken as a boy and returned as a young man with an agenda too. Although, all was forgotten… except the images of the beings that took him and the certain doom that would come. As the years passed no-one had taken his stories seriously – until they arrived.
    I guess I didn’t add much – but kind of elaborated on what was already there. I enjoyed it anyway 🙂


  4. OFFICIAL NOTICE: The comments of this post will be “closed” as of May 26, 2017, and when that happens I will write a separate comment to notify you. Please do not comment about helping me write a story after that comment. That comment though does not prevent you from saying if you want me to do more of these. 🙂 Enjoy. 🙂


  5. Comments have been closed and work will begin on this story very shortly. Thank you to all who participated, and do not be afraid to join in on the next one, or even comment on this pos telling me if you’d like to see more of these.


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