The Best Writing Apps on Google Play

Today I’ve assembled the best writing apps on google play.

character story planner

  1. Character Story Planner – Ifantasia

This app is quite excellent and is one of my favorites. This app allows you to plot your character quite excellently.

It has several categories when you open.

  • Character
  • World
  • Story
  • Scene
  • Location

Each of these has their own subcategories and more subcategories. Of course, the one with the most information is the Character heading.

This app had a 4.4 Star rating

exercises and prompts

2. Writing Exercises and Prompts – JG Applications

This is a really cool app! It has these types of prompts:

  • Random First Line
  • Random Subject
  • Random Character
  • Random Plot
  • Favorites (The ones you’d like to save for later)

They Are Creative and receives a 3.9 Star rating. This developer also produces:

Writer’s Plot and Character Creation

name generator

3. Name Generator – wavefront studio

This app is extremely useful especially since you can generate last names. Last names are always difficult for me. You can choose male or female, and choose a country of origin.

This developer creates more name generators:

  • Fantasy Name Generator
  • Nick-Name Generator

Both are useful in their own right. This app receives a 4.2 Star rating.

writing skills

4.  How to Improve Your Writing Skills – MSPLDevelopers

This app offers two basic categories of tips:

  • Improve Writing Styles
  • Writing Technique Facts

Under Improve Writing Styles: There are 12 articles

Writing Technique Facts has color coded tips to help your writing at a glance.

This App Receives a 4.2 Star rating.


I hope these apps are as useful for you as they are for me.


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