Tuck Everlasting – A Review


Is eternal life a blessing or a curse? This is what young Whinnie Foster must decide when she discovers a spring on her family’s property whose waters grant immortality. Members of the Tuck gamily, having drunk from the spring =, tell Whinnie of their experiences watching life go by and never growing older. But then Winnie must decide whether or not to keep the Tuck’s secret – and whether or not to join them on their never ending journey.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. But it also gave me pause. This is meant for children! And it asks huge, deep questions. Is immortality really worth it? Is it better to continue your life and have a story, or just exist?

To me, the takeaway of this book is: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. You will watch all of your loved ones die (if they are not immortal). Continually making new friends and watching them die etc, etc. I was discussing the Fellowship of the Ring and we discussed Rivendell and the effects it had on the (soon to be) Fellowship. Primarily the Hobbits. Time seems to slow and there is a whole new world in this land out of time. But the thing is, there is art, beauty, music, fellowship. But you cannot have a story in Rivendell because it’s not the place for it. It is a place of rest, where all things stop. It will not move forward, and neither will you. If you are immortal, and you can’t tell anybody, and you can’t stay in one place for too long, then you really have no story. You just exist, a shadow in the world you watched grow, change, build itself before your eyes. And honestly, I think being immortal would be a bit wearying.


I recommend this book to children maybe about10+ because it’s written for that age….But…honestly, the questions are so deep you might have to wait and see maturity and deeper understanding of this sort of philosophy in order for the reader to understand and enjoy.

Meet the Characters:

The Tucks: The family of immortals who has lived thus for over 80 years, stumble upon Whinnie who has discovered their secret. What will they do to keep her silent?

Whinnie Foster: A child who escapes the stifling rigidity of her Mother and Grandmother, wanders to the place where immortality lies. Will she join her friends and become immortal…staying the age of 8 for all eternity? Or will she reject it and stay quiet? Or will she reveal the whole secret?






One thought on “Tuck Everlasting – A Review

  1. I love this book, too. There is a pretty good movie out there of it, fairly accurate to the text and well done. Check it out now that you’ve read the book.


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