5 – Questions to Keep Writing During Your Travels

I’ve been traveling soooo much this summer! 4 days in Key West, 3.5 Days in New York City, and An entire week at the Beach! (all of these trips are documented on my Instagram!) I brought my writing to all trips and had a fun time experimenting with techniques to write on a trip.

  1. What type of trip are you on?

If you are on a vacation where you are relaxing this is the best type of trip for writing and to continue writing. (e.g. Key West, The Beach) If you’re on a trip to NYC, you are more likely to get ideas. (The Underground) Determining the type of trip might help indicate the type of writing you are apt to do.

2. How much down time do you have?

Again, this is determined by the type of your vacation. The Beachy, not the busy trip is the one your most likely to have more time to actually write a bulk of your work. But you are more likely to become distracted. If you’re at someplace like NYC, you’re more likely to be more focused considering you’ll remember how little time you have. But you’ll probably write a little less considering your time crunch.

3. Are you driving, cruising, or flying?

If you’re driving in an average car, your CPU will run out of battery quickly, and your handwriting will be sloppy. If you’re flying, you feel that time crunch that you feel in the NYC type trip. But with a little bit of the relaxed feeling of the beach, considering time seems to stop when you’re above the clouds. If you’re on a cruise, you’re basically on the beach vacation. If you’re on a Disney Cruise (My mother’s dream), you’re more beach/NYC, but with a little more NYC.

4. Who are you going with?

If you’re going by yourself, you’re probably going to feel ever so slightly lonely. You’re having an adventure in a new place or relaxing somewhere and you want to share it. Feelings of loneliness can harm and help your writing. They can help by inspiring scenes of sadness. For example, maybe a character is being abandoned by whom he thought was his friend and the; lonely character starts crying in the rain. You pour your lonely heart into it and soon find an amazing, emotional scene….and you yourself crying in a little ball in your hotel room or just wilting and sobbing on a beach chair.

If you’re going with people, you’re more likely to become distracted. But you’re also likely to be inspired by those around you.

5. Are you writing on a CPU or Paper

Personally, I do both. There is a feeling of mastery as I pick up my pen and I feel a thrill like I could conquer the world. But honestly, I like writing with my CPU as a clean on the first try, the method instead of writing on paper and copying. I find that work tedious. The CPU is great for NYC trips, but for more beach trips..honestly, do you want an electronic on the beach?


I hope you enjoyed my 5 ways to keep writing and traveling.  Update on the Alien Civil War story. I’m going to write it. I’m working on the beginning and it’s really shaping up (or at least the really rough, and loose outline I’ve scrambled together is). I hope to write the story with two weeks (from now) and maybe a month (or two).




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