My (Messy) Organization Process….It’s an Obsession

I love to take inventory of my books every spring, fall….honestly whenever. It’s really just an excuse to touch all of my books. To smell, and dust them (and clean the shelves. The way I do it is:

  • a) Messy
  • b) Dusty
  • c) Clutters the room for days.

I usually pull a book off the shelf and then stack it in various places throughout the room. And then my room gets cluttered and all of my categorized shelves. So it’s time for an overhaul.


I first stack all of my books like so. Then one by one, I take down my books and organize them into categories on the floor.


Mysteries (at least, not my Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys)
Novels, Classics, and American Girls
I left all of my Comics on the Shelf


Overview (my fantasy genre is by far the biggest and is next to the tall bookshelf)
Beginning to Shelf my Books


My Books Shelved

My Cat Wanted to Help


Tell me how you like to organize your books.

-Wysteria Campion





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