The Silver Pearl

The ocean roared, rain pounded my slicker, the wind chilled the wetness on my skin. I ran for my life to get to the lighthouse. My only hope for survival. I slipped on the wet rock and fell near the edge, the lightning flashed and the thunder crashed as I regained my senses. But the lightning struck the cliff wall, below me, and it began to crumble. Taking me with it. I fell into the sea, narrowly avoiding the rocks the waves crashed upon. I landed in a shallow bay, scraping myself as I hit the debris from the cliff. I lost consciousness and was swept away from the shore. I was pulled beneath the waves and I regained consciousness to see the lightning’s light flash on the surface of the water. I tried to move, but I couldn’t, I was going to drown. I wanted to panic, I wanted to scream, but I became drowsy and I began to die. My lungs felt as if they would burst, but I couldn’t move anything except my eyelids as I floated, suspended in the water. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I saw a golden light. It swam closer and closer until it revealed seashell on a string. The string belonged to the necklace of a mermaid. She came closer into the light, and gently placed a silver pearl on my tongue, forcing me to swallow it. Nothing happened, then I felt a burning sensation in my legs, and the burning in my lungs disappeared. My legs had fused into a tail and my feet into flippers. I stripped off my slicker with newfound energy. My skirt billowed around me as I swam deeper with the mermaid. I swam away from my old life, and I barely remember enough to tell you now, but I do know that if the slicker washed up on shore, and it was identified as mine, nobody would have cared.


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