Quick announcementS, and I guess a PSA.

I’m getting TONS of spam comments asking me about how I run my blog. Honestly, they are things that are most easily answered via the WordPress help desk. But if you MUST ask, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD, DON’T ASK ME VIA THE COMMENTS! Please go to the contact page, and enter it in there. I believe that it’s marked clearly on that page that I want ya’ll to answer questions THERE.

Shoutout to Germany! I’ve been getting a TON of comments from them, and usually they’re marked as spam because they’re written in German, but they’re so sweet! Thank you! Except for one person who keeps advertising a hotel in Germany……that comment was over 1k words and I got 2 of them….

Shoutout nach Deutschland! Ich habe eine TON von Kommentaren von ihnen gemacht, und normalerweise sind sie als Spam markiert, weil sie auf Deutsch geschrieben sind, aber sie sind so süß! Vielen Dank! Bis auf eine Person, die in Deutschland einen Job braucht. (German version from Google Translate, pardon any incorrectness…)

So on another note, I like to consider myself familiar with my audience, and I like to be honest and forthcoming. Here it is: I’m running out of post ideas, I’ve also heard (from a little birdie…) that I need to listen to ya’ll more. So the moral of all of this….GIVE ME POST IDEAS! Or, remind me that I promised a post and haven’t written it yet! Two more things before I close…

Do you want anymore list posts? Are the commonplace book posts good? And don’t worry…. I’m working on the story you guys have prompted me to write…..that post has shot me in the foot. XD

BYE! -Wysteria


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