The Terrible Things About Imagination

We all have an imagination. A mind’s eye that shows us fantastical images. Imagination is defined as:


  • the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.
  • the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.
  • the part of the mind that imagines things.

It is an amazing thing we have been blessed with. But it also causes some problems….if you use it often enough.


This is the worst thing on the list. I want to show people the things in my head! That’s one of the reasons I write fantasy (I have many dragons in my head), and the reason I want to get better at drawing. I wish there was a machine that I could hook up to my head and we could explore my imagination in 3D. Please comment if you ever wish the same thing.

2. It doesn’t prepare you for anything…

When I listened to my mother read Harry Potter aloud,(she took a break at book 4 and used the audio book instead) she would read about the deaths. (Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore, Dobby etc) And I didn’t really care about Cedric honestly, I was just shocked. I admit I laid on the couch and SOBBED when Sirius died, even though I knew it HAD to happen…*sigh* But when I watched the movies (which were terrible, but that goes without saying), and Cedric died, it was the worst thing imaginable. BECAUSE, my imagination had simulated it, sure, but you have to remember, YOUR MIND WILL SHOW YOU WHAT YOU CAN HANDLE. I hadn’t ever seen anyone die before…even if it was a movie. It was worse for characters I loved even more. I need a sec. *turns away from the keyboard, sobbing*

3. Your Imagination doesn’t make sense to anyone else.

*sniffs* I’m okay guys, thanks for asking. Anyway, I don’t know if you have this problem, but I do…A LOT! People don’t understand the images I describe or other activities that happen in my head. I don’t personally talk to my characters…I consider it a bit more creepy than the pseudo-split personality disorder writers have. I ROLE PLAY as my characters. Let me explain… I think like I am the character, I talk like I am the character, I think how a certain experience would make a character feel. I’m so “good” at this, I sometimes forget I’m me, and begin to feel emotions that I’ve willed myself to feel. For instance, I like to sing certain songs (mouth along, really), as if I’m the character. I haven’t had the horrible past she’s had, and I’ve never felt what she’s felt, but as I pretend to be her, I feel floods of emotions…..THAT AREN’T MINE!!! TBH, I kind of creepy myself out. If you don’t get my point and this paragraph is meaningless, look back at the title of this point. Make sense now? Your imagination doesn’t make sense. Especially if their not a writer. I think writers understand other people’s imaginations more easily than others.


Does anyone else have this problem? I’m watching soemthing like skydiving or cliff diving (not by choice I might add) or even(this one’s the worst) someone wearong a gopro on a roller coaster. My mind makes me simulate what they’re feeling. I can pseudo feel the motion of up down and around, the terror in my gut, and it’s terrible. 

Okay, I’m not going to leave you on this low note, Wednesday will be THE REASONS IMAGINATIONS ARE AWESOME. I’m super stoked for Wed. Also, I’m on a wifi-less camping trip from Sunday evening until Friday night. So I won’t be here to moderate comments and be on social media. 




2 thoughts on “The Terrible Things About Imagination

  1. So true, especially the second one. Dad says that he thought Voldemort was pronounced without the ‘t’ so it sounded French until he watched the movies! They just ruin everything for you!
    ~Emily x


  2. And sometimes my imagination scare me out of my wits! ;P It would be very nice if other people could see what was in your imagination, but idk, sometimes I like it because it’s private.


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