The Awesome things about Your Imagination.

My last post about imagination is all of the negative things about your imagination. Here’s a rebuttal to that post.

Your imagination is an amazing thing, and it’s a super handy tool for several things.


  1. You have dreams

Imagine how boring sleep would be if you didn’t have the spontaneous dreams that could take you anywhere. Fun fact about dreams:

Your brain remembers every face you’ve ever seen, your brain can’t make up a face. So every face you see in your mind, in your dreams, is someone you’ve seen before.

2. When you write, you can see your stories as movies in your head.

This is one of my favorite uses for my imagination.This is especially handy for dialogue scenes.

3. You can dream up new places.

This is a MUST-have tool if you’re a writer. ESPECIALLY if you’re writing/inventing a fantasy world.

You can do so many things with your imagination! It’s a better time killer than any iphone. It’s a better movie of the book you love than the million dollar production.  It’s an idea organ, it can make your hopes and dreams take flight! Honestly, I would rather have my imagination than eat….(maybe not though because bacon.)



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