Why Pets are Great for Writers

I think that writers should have pets. I have 2. I love my cats. I love them so much. But if you have allergies…I’m sorry for you. Pets are awesome. Different pets are good for different types of things when you write.

  1. Dog

This is the Artful Author’s Dog. He’s a LARGE sweet angel! (Rather like Hagrid. o>w<o


Dogs are super energetic, have tons or personality and they love to play. They will remind you that your need to go outside and play, be active. GET SUNSHINE OR YOU WILL TURN INTO A MUSHROOM. I know that’s hard for you introverts out there, but remember, your dog will help you. They also provide great forms of inspiration. Maybe playing with him in the back yard, walking him on a different trail or on a different street in your neighborhood, or maybe even a dog park.

2. Cats


Here’s my fluffy baby, my spoiled prince…This is Max. He’s pure white and his Sister’s name is Ruby….She’s insane. He’s the most laid-back cat, ever. (Brownie points if you get the names!)


Cats are quieter and but they require….no….DEMAND attention. My cat will bang on my blinds until I open them to let him see out. He’ll bang my door against the door frame so I let him out. (even though I cracked it so he could get out himself…) Sometimes he even accidentally closes the door. I’m pretty sure I started this post so I could talk about my cat. (Yep, yep, that’s what this post is REALLY about. hehe hehe hehe….*sig* what am I doing with my life?) Anyway. They don’t require too much attention if you’ve given them a lot of sugar, and then you stop and they harumph away and sit on your desk thumping their tails. But they’ll touch your hands with their head or paws. Sit on your papers or laptop or even shove everything on your desk to the floor. THEY WANT ATTENTION AND THEY’RE GOING TO HAVE IT, BY JINGO! They require less equipment and time, and they don’ force you to go outside. *introverts cheer softly in their own homes…* It’s nice having an animal that will quietly distract you with cuteness for a few minutes in the comfort of your chair.

3. Fish, Snakes, Spiders, Turtles, Frogs oh my!

These are better to look at and get inspiration…Especially fish tanks. ‘Nuff said…MOst of the things on this number freak me out.

4. Lizards


Mushu hangin’ out on my shoulder. You can see her turning gray/black


Lizards are awesome. Depending on the lizard, they’ll like to cuddle on your shoulder. I once had a reptile on my shoulder named Mushu, she KNEW I wasn’t her “mama” or owner (whatever you like to think your pets think of you as) so her scales started turning black. It was cool, they turned orange when she has placed on her owner’s shoulder again.

5. Bunnies!!

Bunny, Rabbit, Mammal, Cute, Animal, Grass, Outdoors

Now here’s the lowdown….I WANT A BUNNY. Primarily, I want a STUDY BUNNY!!! But I have heard that there are several problems with having a bunny. They go everywhere. I’m not sure if you can train one to use a box, but as my dad is fond of saying,

*incredulous/sarcastic tone* “Rabbits are dumb. Why do you want a stupid, useless animal the cats could eat?” * I’m not going into rant mode, but, have you ever read Watership Down? That’s why…Jess, please don’t comment about the evilness of Bunnies, not every bunny is like Bunnicula. (The Artful Author) I also hear that left unattended, they will chew anything. Paper, cords, plastic, etc. But other than that, I hear they’re super sweet and fun.

6. Birds

Common Raven, Raven, Raven Bird, Crow, Animal, Nature

It’s not uncommon to be inspired by a bird. Especially a bird that talks back. Yes, I’m talking about a parrot. But I’m going to use this point to segway into my next topic.


Here are a few of the Highlights. (More Comprehensive List)

  • (Referring to #6) Charles Dickens had  Raven named Grip. When the bird died, Dickens had him taxe-dermized. Grip now resides at the Rare Books Department of the Free Library of Philadelphia. He is said to be the inspiration for Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. 
  • Beatrix Potter…Whew! What a lady! She sketched chickens, rabbits, hedgehogs, badgers, mice, basically any cute critter. She owned many rabbits in her life. She is best known for writing and illustrating Peter the Rabbit. She even bought farms and joined a protest against planes because it scared the horses in the area.
  • And the one I have the most information on Ernest Hemmingway. Ernest Hemmingway had many cats. About 26 that roamed the island of Key West. Many of them had 6 (Polydactyl) toes on their paws, and he was one of the first people to keep them.  I’ve actually been to the Hemingway house, and there are about 50 cats there today, and they continue to roam the island.

Hope this was Helpful!!! Please tell me if there are any pets I missed, or your pets help you write!

ALSO! I wouldn’t define a horse as a pet, but tell me what you think!



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