Camp Nanowrimo – Winner!

Hello all! First off, my break is over, and I’m back to the regular schedule. So now it is time to recount my adventures of the summer.

Camp nano in April was a bust, as I focused more on napomo (National Poetry Month). But July’s nano worked out quite well.



But what project was working on? \

My project  is somewhat secret at this point (unless you can dig up a certain announcement article and go through it with a fine tooth comb. Mawahahahahah), but I can let you know this:

I wrote 20 short stories, 5 of them will be posted on this blog (spoiler alert, two of them are already posted), and this month will be focused on editing. I hope to publish those 5 stories later this month and perhaps next month. You will know what the full project is when I post the first story.

How did you guys do on your Camp NaNoWriMo?

(Sorry, the post is so short today. You may receive a cookie today in the form of another few posts as I work on a story project that is time sensitive and must be posted within a certain time frame. But we’ll see.)


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