Painted Stars, Silver Moon – Flash Fiction

A tall lonely girl, with long dark blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes began to paint on her wall. She had no friends, so she began to paint. She painted her wall.

She painted her white wall black. She didn’t know what she would put on it yet but she liked the continual work. She looked out of her window at the sky and saw the glittering night sky. She stared at the stars, and her stars reflected in her eyes. She poured herself into astronomy books, pictures of the planets decorated her room, but not the black wall.

One by one, she began to paint them. Varying size of each planet. She finished each planet with a thrill of her heart. The moon was her favorite and the one she painted last. She dotted the black wall with dozens upon dozens of stars. Once finished she stared at her wall. She looked at the moon and caressed it with her finger. She glanced out her window to look at the real moon.

“You’re so pretty,” she said. And the moon began to shimmer with blue light. She looked back at her painting. The blue light coming from the moon on her wall reflected silver in her eyes. She stared into the bright light and plunged her hand into the widening hole. The hole became large enough for her to walk through without stooping. She stared into the heart of the blue white light and took a deep breath before stepping inside.


This is for the CWWC -2017, Challenge 4. For Team Half-Blood. I used all three prompts for this challenge. Let’s be lost.



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