Murder Mystery Roleplay

SO, this post has been promised for a long time, and here I am to deliver.

I was invited to participate in a murder mystery roleplay centered around Hollywood. The story was set up as such: A guy ran over a cliff in his car, the brakes were tampered with. Who did it? Why? When? How?

I was given the character of Les Tytan. The names were decently unisex, and I chose the name Lessage Tytan considering she was a mesmerist.

The best part about this was getting a costume.

I found a black velvet dress, used my shiny church shoes, and got one of my mom’s shauls which were shiny and a sort of pinkish mauve. My mom did my hair and makeup. The thing that pushed this costume to its eccentric perfection was my necklace. We went thrift shopping and got quite a lot of bobbles. We got one necklace because it looked really cool. We got another one for a chain, taking off the gem and replacing it with another gem, and extending the chain with another necklace’s chain. So that necklace was twice normal length, and super swingy.

I arrived at the party and completely unsure as to how my character would act. I considered making a voice but I was kind of nervous at the beginning. I eventually adopted a step, a manner of speech and I called everyone darling and a pseudo-British accent. I also adopted several other mannerisms.

When I approached someone, I asked,

“Are there any fears you need wiped from your mind?” And I would make a sweeping motion with the bauble in my fingers as I said so. I got turned down a lot so I began saying,

“Good for you, bad for business.”

Another thing I adopted was swinging my bauble, CONSTANTLY. I curled my fourth and fifth fingers, and hooking the chain between my second and third fingers, and sticking out my thumb, I began to swing it and soon it became an unconscious action that I continued when speaking, eating, everything. I am still very proud of myself.

The character sheets had side goals, and mine were:

Find an Agent. Become someone’s Guru. Sign onto a movie. Help Bobby as much as you can.

So happens, one of my friends was an agent. Done. Much good she did for me, I signed myself into a movie that she had signed herself to but forgot to mention me.

I helped our screenwriter get over writer’s block, becoming her guru. Though she literally had no ideas for the film. I can safely say it was the director and me who had the majority of the genius of that film.

Now Bobby was interesting. Very interesting.

He was a boy (who I very much enjoy, as he’s rather funny) who gelled completely with my character. Goodness, I dare say we were the life and soul of the party. We completely rolled with the characters and names. It was a blast!

I joined a cult, served no purpose but I completed someone’s goal. So I didn’t care.

In the end, the goals didn’t REALLY accomplish anything, and I didn’t figure out the murderer simply because I didn’t care to. It was more fun to pretend to be in Hollywood.

One of the more interesting moments of the night was blackmailing.

We needed more money to fund our movie, otherwise, we couldn’t perform. We shook down a guy who was a reported smuggler, but we had to cut a deal. I had to wipe the memory of our stuntman. Little detail I forgot: It only lasts five minutes. But in a shady deal, you don’t have to be truthful. In any case, we got the money.

There were four movies and every one of them was terrible, except for ours. It was obvious we had practiced, and written it better. Ours was a thriller murder thingie. No genre really. I was just excited because I got to die.

Instead of describing our movie, I will give it to you like a screenplay. Don’t steal it, I might want to use it again. (hahaha)

I present: On the Verge of Insanity

[Curtain opens]


[Bobby and Les walk across the stage arm in arm]

Les: Bobby, darling.

Bobby: Yes, dear?

Les: My brother is coming over for dinner tonight, you know the police officer one?

Bobby: Ah, yes. He thinks I’m crazy.

Les: Does he now? [checks watch] Oh! I needed to meet Pip for coffee! Goodbye, love. [Les leaves stage left]

[Bobby stands alone]

[Pip stands behind Bobby, with Cas]

Pip: Oh, Bobby, I wish you were mine!

Cas: You know what you should do, right?

Pip: What?

Cas: Tell him to kill Les, and if he asks why, you’ll tell him: A sane man follows orders.

[Cas dissapears]

[Pip walks up to Bobby]

Pip: Bobby, you should kill Les.

Bobby: What! Why!?

Pip: A sane man follows orders.

Bobby: Okay.

[Both leave stage left]

[Les is reading a mystery novel on her ottoman]

[Bobby enters the house]

Bobby: Les! I’m home.

Les: Hello, dea- AAA!!

[Bobby stabs Les]

[Les dies in dramatic fashion]

[Knock on the door]

[Bobby answers the door]

Cop Brother: Hi, is Les around?

Bobby: Well-

[Cop Brother sees Les, reacts]

[Bobby Punches Cop Brother]

[Cop Brother arrests Bobby]

Cop Brother: I knew you were crazy!

Bobby: It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me! Pip told me to do it! It was Pip!

Cop Brother to Cop Friend: Arrest her!

[Cop Friend Arrests Pip]

[Everyone leaves stage right]

[Cas enters]

Cas: Mwahahahah.




It was super fun and dumb, but I thought it was pretty good for two to three minutes. I got to die, as you can see and I was stoked to do it in [Dramatic Fashion].

So everyone could vote for best actress, best actor, and best movie for the awards.

I voted for Pip and Bobby, and they won! I also voted for our own movie. It won! It might partially be because we had bonus points we accumulated during the actual game.

It was then we discovered the murderer. This was a murder mystery game found online, so you could potentially play it, so I’m not going to spoil it. Let’s just say, I didn’t get it. Besides, I had more fun pretending I was an actress in Hollywood than finding the murderer.


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2 thoughts on “Murder Mystery Roleplay

  1. When I was reading this, I forgot you were roleplaying so when I read the part about blackmail a freaked out for a half a second. XD That sounds like so much fun! Your screenplay was great!

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