The Beach Witch

I was sitting on the sand on my first evening at the beach, we had just driven a few hours and had unpacked, and I had wrapped myself in a towel to keep off the sun (I had no sunscreen on). And I laughed and thought of myself as a beach witch. Beach witches in my mind are nicer than sea witches and I came up with this concept.

Sea witches are thin, spiky creatures that prey upon the creatures that live in the oceans, and terrorize the land with the storms they create. But beach witches balance out this chaotic force.

This specific beach witch is a twenty-something-year-old girl named Holden.

She walks barefoot down the sand in a dark blue one-piece swimsuit. She has an ample, strong frame with a good broad face. Her wild auburn hair tossed and crusty with the strong salt wind. She looks like she has a thin layer of freckles on her arms and leg, but they’re just grains of sand dotting her skin. Instead of a witch’s hat, she wears a broad sunhat, with a chinstrap.

As the beach witch, she protects the creatures from the beachers and hides them from the storms. She guards the turtle nest fiercely, an enchanted driftwood spear at the ready, but gently guides the small turtles to the water when the time has come for them to hatch.

She collects trash and burns it to fuel her potions: specialty sunscreens, anti-sand potions etc. Never harming a creature f9r her potions.

She trots down the sand collecting shells that are not used as homes for her little shellfish friends. And she loves to wade in the tide and watch the sunset on her beach.

When the storms do come, she hides the crab and warns the gulls. She doubles her patrol making sure everyone is safe, no shellfish left behind! When the storm is over, she checks ever gull’s nest, turtle’s nest and cleans up her beach.

Image-20180604_224923 (1).jpg
Holden – The Beach Witch

This concept has been one of my favorite ideas in a long time! And I’m happy to say, that I’m going to begin work on a webcomic of this concept. I can promise no dates, as I literally had this idea on Saturday, but I’m excited to world build, come up with characters and a conflict.

I’m also going to have more short stories and ACTUAL content for you soon, once a friend of mine launches her prompt a week project (she ran the prompts past me and so I’m so excited for her to publish them).


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