Moods of the Month – And How they Affect Your Views

Each month has its ups and downs in terms of views. Sure, if you don’t do marketing, you won’t get views. If you don’t make content, you don’t get views. But for the sake of this article let’s think about it this way: You: You’re a blogger or someone who makes content on the internet.…… Continue reading Moods of the Month – And How they Affect Your Views

New Year’s News

It has been exactly a week since 2018 began and I’ve done some reflecting and listening. A lot has happened over the last year. I received some inspiration from Twitter to list my writing victories so here we go: 50+ blog followers I won Summer Camp Nano (July) I completed NaPoMo [national poetry month (April)]…… Continue reading New Year’s News

NanoPrep – I’m so Scatter Brained about it I Forgot the Title

TIS OCTOBER THIS MEANS ONE THING: NANOWRIMO PREP! Everyone who writes knew this was coming. So I’m just gonna explain what my project is. So, take a deep breath. The title is a doozy. Stand in book cover. Yeah. Well. Make of it what you wish. Anyway. In order to keep my thoughts straight about…… Continue reading NanoPrep – I’m so Scatter Brained about it I Forgot the Title

Adverbs are Like Salt

I have taken at least two or three elementary level writing classes. In them we were told, “Use adverbs everywhere! I can’t get enough adverbs! ADVERBS ADVERBS ADVERBS. THEY’RE YOUR BEST FRIEND.” Since then they have peppered my writing in an annoying amount. And only recently I have curbed the instinc to use them everywhere.…… Continue reading Adverbs are Like Salt

1 Year Blog Anniversary – September 28 2017

On this day in history: 1781 9,000 American and 7,000 French troops begin siege of Yorktown 1785 Napoleon Bonaparte (16) graduates from the military academy in Paris (42nd in a class of 51) 1787 Congress sends Constitution to state legislatures for their approval 1858 Donati’s comet becomes 1st to be photographed 1968 Beatles’ “Hey Jude” single goes #1 and stays…… Continue reading 1 Year Blog Anniversary – September 28 2017

Character vs. Character

This is a tag I’ve seen floating around. I’ve actually only seen this type of post once. I used her questions (except I changed two), so here’s a link to her post: Let’s Be Lost Imma takes over on this thing. Sue me for making rules to someone else’s tag I haven’t been tagged for… RULES:  If…… Continue reading Character vs. Character

Samuel Johnson – The Funniest Lexicographer Ever

If Google is available to you on this day: September 18, 2017, you will know that the Google Doodle for today showcases Samuel Johnson. On September 18, 1709 (*gasp* why that’s today!), Samuel Johnson was born in Lichfield, Staffordshire. A bright student from a young age, he attended Pembroke College, Oxford in his late teen…… Continue reading Samuel Johnson – The Funniest Lexicographer Ever