How to Read Epics and Plays

    Peeps! Imma blow your mind. Shakespeare wrote plays. What!? I know right!? But let’s rewind and get some culture education, both modern and from the past. When highschoolers and adults alike hear the name Shakespear, Homer or Beowulf what do they (or you) think about? How hard it is to read, how long…… Continue reading How to Read Epics and Plays

Camp Nanowrimo – Winner!

Hello all! First off, my break is over, and I’m back to the regular schedule. So now it is time to recount my adventures of the summer. Camp nano in April was a bust, as I focused more on napomo (National Poetry Month). But July’s nano worked out quite well. Summary: I WON! But what…… Continue reading Camp Nanowrimo – Winner!

Why Pets are Great for Writers

I think that writers should have pets. I have 2. I love my cats. I love them so much. But if you have allergies…I’m sorry for you. Pets are awesome. Different pets are good for different types of things when you write. Dog   Dogs are super energetic, have tons or personality and they love to…… Continue reading Why Pets are Great for Writers

The Awesome things about Your Imagination.

My last post about imagination is all of the negative things about your imagination. Here’s a rebuttal to that post. Your imagination is an amazing thing, and it’s a super handy tool for several things.   You have dreams Imagine how boring sleep would be if you didn’t have the spontaneous dreams that could take you…… Continue reading The Awesome things about Your Imagination.

The Terrible Things About Imagination

We all have an imagination. A mind’s eye that shows us fantastical images. Imagination is defined as: im·ag·i·na·tion the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. the part of the mind that imagines…… Continue reading The Terrible Things About Imagination

My (Messy) Organization Process….It’s an Obsession

I love to take inventory of my books every spring, fall….honestly whenever. It’s really just an excuse to touch all of my books. To smell, and dust them (and clean the shelves. The way I do it is: a) Messy b) Dusty c) Clutters the room for days. I usually pull a book off the shelf…… Continue reading My (Messy) Organization Process….It’s an Obsession

5 – Questions to Keep Writing During Your Travels

I’ve been traveling soooo much this summer! 4 days in Key West, 3.5 Days in New York City, and An entire week at the Beach! (all of these trips are documented on my Instagram!) I brought my writing to all trips and had a fun time experimenting with techniques to write on a trip. What type…… Continue reading 5 – Questions to Keep Writing During Your Travels