My First Writing Award

In late February, I received an email detailing rules for a homeschool writing contest. The contest was five dollars and I decided to enter, because why not? I submitted The Choice, a story I’ve already published but my entry was updated. The awards night was tonight, though I already knew who won. This was more…… Continue reading My First Writing Award

Leibster award….AGAIN!

So if you’re a longtime reader of this blog, you’ll know that I’ve won an award called the Liebster Award before. But last time the picture was blue. This one is pink and pretty and I love it. Thank you, Emily, from: The Island of Me Written during the trip to England December 22, 2017 The…… Continue reading Leibster award….AGAIN!


Oh goodness. I wasn’t really nominated for this award, but the blogger (theartfulauthor) said if you wanted to do it…then do it. So, here I am. Besides, I reaaaaally liked the questions. SO HERE WE GO! Acknowledge the blog who nominated you. (  Go check out her blog!)(Artful’s Liebster Award Post) Answer eleven questions that the…… Continue reading Liebster Award -SUPER SECRET PROJECT REVEALED

The Blogger Recognition Award

Hello, everyone. Inadvertently, I have been nominated by Rubix Cube to receive the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog Write a post to show your award Give a brief story of how your blog started Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers Select 15 other bloggers for…… Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award