Commonplace Book 22

“But I spoke hastily. We must not be hasty. I have been too hot. I must cool myself and think; for it is easier to shout STOP! Then to do it.” – The Two Towers ~ JRR Tolkien   “Writers spend three years rearranging 26 letters of te alphabet. It’s enough to make you lose…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 22

Commonplace Book 21

A horse rides the way it’s ridden.” – Riding Freedom ~Pam Munoz Ryan Every time you fall, you learn what not to do the next time. – Riding Freedom ~ Pam Munoz Ryan   “When the child of Morning, rosy-fingered dawn appeared to break morning upon the mortals.” – The Odyssey ~ Homer   “It is a lovely…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 21

Commonplace Book 20

“Of course, we have to have a policeman,” said Pippi. “Someone has to see to it that the bicycles stand decently parked in the wrong places.”  – Pippi Goes on Board ~ Astrid Lindgren     FOR GUDNES SAK DON’T TINK YUR CHILDRUN R DED R LOS THEY RNT ATAL THEYR JUS A LITTLE SHIPREKD AN…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 20

Commonplace Book 19

“If we are to tempt fate then let us not be cowards about it.” – Inheritance ~ Christopher Paolini   Her seeming lack of prospects not due to any want in character or appearance; her hair, more red than Auburn, was thought a liability by some, it is true, but as many others considered it more…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 19

Commonplace Book 17

Shasta lay down beside it with his back against the cat and his face to wands the tombs, because if one is nervous there’s nothing like having your face towards the danger and having something warm and solid at your back.  – The horse and his boy ~ CS Lewis   “I never told your aunt…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 17

Commonplace Book 16

As I prepped this post, I notice I was probably reading the Horse and his boy, and just had my commonplace book open, which doesn’t happen to me very much. So here we go. (“Hullo,” thought Shasta. “Although they’re king and queen, they’re brother and sister, not married to one another.”) – The Horse and…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 16