Results of the Art Contest!

Thank you to those who gave their art for being in my contest! In first place is… Aster Silverwood! Aster’s Blog   In Second place is…. Nicole C! Nicole’s Blog In Third place is…. Fanny P! In Fourth place is… Me! I had fun drawing for my own contest! And I think it turned out pretty…… Continue reading Results of the Art Contest!

Shadows of the Herswald Launch/Book Review

  A battered soldier from a defeated army, Haydn knows the only end to the arrival of the Prince’s governor is chains, followed by punishment and possible execution. Except he hasn’t counted on the Prince himself. Or the pardon which his recent foe has declared to acquit all those who fought against him. A pardon…… Continue reading Shadows of the Herswald Launch/Book Review

Physical Descriptions for Partners in Crime Art Contest

So I do some basic describing on what Anne and Jess look like, but I don’t go to into it very much. But, that’s what this post is for! ANNE-Before Part 3 Long Muddy Blonde Hai,r straight,- usually worn in a braid ANNE – Part 3 On Purple hair described as “raspberry chestnut” – Messy…… Continue reading Physical Descriptions for Partners in Crime Art Contest


So here’s the deal, I can draw. But I’m terrible at drawing from my head. AND, I don’t have enough money saved for Wacom….*sigh* – So I’m just going to have you, my loyal underlin- *ahem* readers, I meant, draw for me. 😛 WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DRAW You are going to draw Anne…… Continue reading ART CONTEST!