The Wood Sprite – Flash Fiction

I walked through an expanse of unnamed woods in the countryside of England. I had been walking for several hours until the sound of singing reached my ears. I searched for the sound, and to my surprise I came upon a little girl, standing next to a tree. She caressed the tree’s bark and sang her…… Continue reading The Wood Sprite – Flash Fiction

Painted Stars, Silver Moon – Flash Fiction

A tall lonely girl, with long dark blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes began to paint on her wall. She had no friends, so she began to paint. She painted her wall. She painted her white wall black. She didn’t know what she would put on it yet but she liked the continual work. She…… Continue reading Painted Stars, Silver Moon – Flash Fiction

Fly Away – Flash Fiction

She paced back and forth, the chain attached to her ankle clinking. She flexed her wings, wanting to fly away. She glared at the door from behind which, she heard the footsteps of her “aunt”. Her Aunt Darie had taken care of her for as long as she could remember, but it had been two…… Continue reading Fly Away – Flash Fiction

Giant and Strawberry – Flash Fiction

                 There sits a statue in Woodbury public gardens. This statue was carved for an old estate, but the sculpture was never paid, so he decided to sell it to his home town. It sits in a small marble gazebo in the midst of the town’s prized roses.…… Continue reading Giant and Strawberry – Flash Fiction

The Grandmafia – Flash Fiction

I could feel the car sway as my captors attempted, and successfully lost my bearings. The burlap potato sack covering my head was thick and scratchy. I could barely breathe through the course fabric, duct tape sealed my lips making it even harder. We drove for I don’t know how long, maybe an hour, or…… Continue reading The Grandmafia – Flash Fiction

Missed by a Whisker

Thud! I picked myself up off the dusty ground. I looked up at my surroundings. A sheer cliff face rose above me about four feet taller than myself. I heard the soft padding of paws as the face of a lioness peered over the edge of the cliff. I head more paws coming from all directions…… Continue reading Missed by a Whisker