Anne – Alpha November November Echo

Run jump run jump, trying to escape, purple hair, news to share, trying to make ends meet. Suspicious email, containing doom, best friend’s turned, knocked into gloom. One ultimatum, A single choice, sell out or remain strong? No answer no escape, is this chance or fate? What will happen? Where to run? And all because…… Continue reading Anne – Alpha November November Echo

The Swirling Storm of the Writer

A swirling sea rages, within my weary heart, a sadness and a longing, ripping me apart. I long to stop the stormy seas, that roars within my ears, the warm salt water gushes, and lines my face with tears. My pen is able, calm the sea within, keep my soul, my ship stable, with words…… Continue reading The Swirling Storm of the Writer

The Slaying of Baldr

Shining, and radiant beloved by all, who would wish this pure one ill? No one it would seem. And yet Baldr still dreams, of violent death, and his rasping last breath/ Figg, queen of Asgard, and his mother, made everything in every land promise, not to smother her Baldr. Loki, who hated goodness in all…… Continue reading The Slaying of Baldr

My Bed – A Poem

Whenever I’m upset or angry, I go to my special place and scream for only me to hear. I sleep my fears away. But in the darkest hour of the night, sleep fades and i cry my sorrows away. The place where children are protected, from monsters and shadows, with blankets smoothed with a mother’s…… Continue reading My Bed – A Poem