Reality is a Prison – Flash Fiction

Sorry, this is late! The prompts for this one was really good!   Reality is a prison. Where consequences have meaning. Where ideas are restricted. Reality is a chain we all wear, but it chafes for some more than others. I sat on the train, my hoodie providing a warm protection from the morning chill.…… Continue reading Reality is a Prison – Flash Fiction

The Chosen One – CWWC – Flash Fiction

  Click on these images to make them larger. Hey guys! Sorry about last week, and yesterday. Life has been crazy, and though I’ve tried to write, no words have come until now. Thanks for reading! We’ll be doing one more story in September to make up for last week. (Shhh, we’re not dying for…… Continue reading The Chosen One – CWWC – Flash Fiction

Lovers of the Sea – A Short Story

Prompts for this week from Jessi over at The Artful Author Neither she or I, own these images in any way. Click on them to make them bigger.   I enjoyed writing this post, letting me subvert and experiment with Scottish lore. I also experimented with not using names. It’s a very pleasing story. “How will I…… Continue reading Lovers of the Sea – A Short Story

Read it Well ~ Part One – Short Story ~ CCWC

(playing around with tesnes, I promise there is more present tense at the end) Prompts:  I don’t own these images.   A girl sits on the bank of the river. The sun shines on her gold hair, the breeze playing with it as she taps the ballpoint pen against her teeth. Her dark brown eyes…… Continue reading Read it Well ~ Part One – Short Story ~ CCWC

CWWC 2018: Made New

Hey, ya’ll! My month off was great, thanks for asking. I actually really missed writing for the blog. Though it was a relief to be free of the pressure of OH NO, I NEED A NEW POST. On that little sidebar to the left, you’ll find the stories tab. Inside the stories tab, there is…… Continue reading CWWC 2018: Made New

My First Writing Award

In late February, I received an email detailing rules for a homeschool writing contest. The contest was five dollars and I decided to enter, because why not? I submitted The Choice, a story I’ve already published but my entry was updated. The awards night was tonight, though I already knew who won. This was more…… Continue reading My First Writing Award

The Queen – A Short Story

Here’s a short Valentines story! I hope you enjoy your day, and this story!   The king woke to the sound of his wife singing, a sound that woke him most mornings. She emerged from their closet in a simple gown of red velvet, her honey gold hair cascading down her back. She kissed him,…… Continue reading The Queen – A Short Story