My First Writing Award

In late February, I received an email detailing rules for a homeschool writing contest. The contest was five dollars and I decided to enter, because why not? I submitted The Choice, a story I’ve already published but my entry was updated. The awards night was tonight, though I already knew who won. This was more…… Continue reading My First Writing Award

The Queen – A Short Story

Here’s a short Valentines story! I hope you enjoy your day, and this story!   The king woke to the sound of his wife singing, a sound that woke him most mornings. She emerged from their closet in a simple gown of red velvet, her honey gold hair cascading down her back. She kissed him,…… Continue reading The Queen – A Short Story

Ragdoll and Posh – Vant’s Story- Short Story

Ragdoll and Posh – Lectra’s Story In all technicality he is the first story of the two, but you can read in either order. I fell over, the gloves on my hands absorbed the impact and I sat up on my knees. I looked around and saw a girl looking at the park through the chainlink fence.…… Continue reading Ragdoll and Posh – Vant’s Story- Short Story

Ragdoll and Posh- Lectra’s Story- Shorty Story

PLEASE WEAR ALL REQUIRED SAFETY GEAR WHEN RIDING A SKATEBOARD. ALSO, IT WOULD BEHOVE YOU TO READ THIS ONE FIRST. I watched the posh rich kids slip and slide around on their boards. Ugh, they made me sick. Padded like a bomb disposal squad, worrying about scrapes on them and their boards. They looked particularly…… Continue reading Ragdoll and Posh- Lectra’s Story- Shorty Story

Featherless – Short Story Part 1

“You know,” Said Plutus. “Most people with wings like yours would be at home, and not risking their lives rock hopping. And then there’s you,” I pulled my cloak around me. His words had struck a nerve, but I attempted to bluff my way out. I wasn’t very good, and Plutus put a hand on…… Continue reading Featherless – Short Story Part 1

The Real Imagination – A Short Story

This is the second story I’ve written in the short story style. Constructive criticism appreciated! Also, give me your opinions on this: Should I develop this story into something bigger? Is this Novellette, Novella, or Novel material? And now I am pleased to present: The Real Imagination – A Short Story By: Wysteria Campion Cassey…… Continue reading The Real Imagination – A Short Story