I got tagged for another thing! But this time, it’s very much novel related and not really question based. Thanks for tagging me Artful I am crap at writing summaries, but here’s a shot at it. Peter wants to prove himself to the world and jumps at the chance to go on a quest with…… Continue reading 7777

Tag! I’m It!

Thanks to the Artful Author for tagging me in this! You can read her post about this here. How many notebooks do you own and how many of them have writing in them? Okay, let’s use imaginary numbers here because I really don’t know. Say I have 100 notebooks, not including sketchbooks, 50 are written…… Continue reading Tag! I’m It!

Another Cool Tag Thing

  I promise I didn’t name it that. I think it was started by Kate Flournoy 1. Do you secretly plot world domination? Nope. I’d probably be a henchman of the villain, or be a leader of a rebellion but not the world’s dictator.   2. What book could read over and over again and…… Continue reading Another Cool Tag Thing

Another Song Tag

I’m posting this one for New Years, so let’s do: ANOTHER song tag! This one was done by my pal, Aster over at The Artful Author HERE WE GO! If you wanna be tagged, then BOOM you’re tagged. But I will tag one person specifically: Cas.tle over at Castle Archive Also, I have amended my opinions about Twenty…… Continue reading Another Song Tag

25 Questions…

Hello everyone! This is actually going to be a two-part questionnaire, because: Nanowrimo has really set my posting schedule back. In fact, I need to start writing nano right now. So, a friend of mine sent me this tag and I thought I would be fun. Do you guys like these? Please comment below. Do you ever…… Continue reading 25 Questions…

20 Questions. 20 Answers.

  I’m sorry. I found a list of questions, liked ’em decided, “Hey, ya’ll have been patient, and I’m probably not going to post anything until I’m done reading Paradise Lost (when that happens I’m reviewing King Lear and Paradise Lost). Honestly. If I’m still alive when I finish Paradise Lost, I think a victory…… Continue reading 20 Questions. 20 Answers.