Story Announcements!

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! IMMA BLOW YOUR MINDS PEEPS!   So it’s been quite a few months since I wrote and posted the help me write a story post. And this is the story ya’ll came up with. This story would be too long to post in one installment so this means *drumroll please* I HAVE…… Continue reading Story Announcements!

The Blue Sky Tag

I love tag posts so much!!! They are so much fun! I have been tagged by: The Artful Author, please, please, please, go read her blog, it’s amazing: The Artful Author’s Blog Rules: Answer the Questions, make more questions of your own, and tag people. No specific number of people bwahahahaahah! M&Ms or Skittles? Depends on…… Continue reading The Blue Sky Tag

Return from Christmas Break and a Special Poem

To those who read my blog, hello again. I’ve missed you terribly. I enjoy coming up with things to write about and even sharing things I find that I think you would enjoy. I will say, I’m sorry Christmas break (and New Years for that matter), went so long and I haven’t posted anything. I…… Continue reading Return from Christmas Break and a Special Poem

Win With Wordsmanship

I now bring you a page from the book: The Tongue and Quill. This book is also known as AFH 33-337. The Tongue and Quill was produced by the Air Force in 1985. And now I present Page 60: Win With Wordsmanship. After years of hacking through etymological thickets at the US Publish Health Service,…… Continue reading Win With Wordsmanship