52 Prompts – 52 Stories

Super short post, so you get a bonus today! So a friend of mine, La Creadora Phantasma, has been working on this project for a little while, and I’m super excited to say I will be participating in this little challenge doohickey thing. She doesn’t have a big enough following for people to come back…… Continue reading 52 Prompts – 52 Stories

Hiatus of a Sort? And Camp NanoWrimo, Attempt No. 2

So I obviously don’t have too much time to run this blog. You can tell by the lackluster absence of any true content and my lacking-in-personality commonplace posts. I doubt anyone truly likes those but they’re the only form of content I have consistently until December. In any case, Camp Nanowrimo #2 is coming up…… Continue reading Hiatus of a Sort? And Camp NanoWrimo, Attempt No. 2

Commonplace Book 19

“If we are to tempt fate then let us not be cowards about it.” – Inheritance ~ Christopher Paolini   Her seeming lack of prospects not due to any want in character or appearance; her hair, more red than Auburn, was thought a liability by some, it is true, but as many others considered it more…… Continue reading Commonplace Book 19

Orders of Business – March 6, 2018

This is a post of announcements and questions I have for ya’ll. And for further reference, posts with this thumb image are announcement posts. Order of Business 1 I’ve been making a list of different posts I can write that are not short stories or novel writing updates. So, I’m branching out a bit. Since…… Continue reading Orders of Business – March 6, 2018

The End of the War – Nanowrimo/Announcements

Nanowrimo and I waged a deadly battle. Within the first week, I was optimistic, as I had more words than he had required for my deadly challenge. But as time went on his forces began to beat me back (it didn’t help I had entire weekends where I wasn’t allowed to come near the computer…… Continue reading The End of the War – Nanowrimo/Announcements

Fan Fiction Wattpad Account

Wattpad FanFiction Account Click Here   Hailo everyone! If you would like to read more stories because I don’t post that many since August. I am in the process of editing Partners in Crime, you’ll get a new part soon. I’m still editing those short stories for the free ebook, but I’m almost done with…… Continue reading Fan Fiction Wattpad Account